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Brown skin spots in front of cat ears (with hair thinning)

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I recently noticed some hair loss in front of my cats ears and on the skin underneath there are some brown spots. What is this? He doesn't seem to be worried by it, doesn't seem in pain, and he isn't itching. My other cat, Nero, also has the same spots but they are very light, and his hair loss is minimal, if any.

Some back story that will help...
I was living in Dubai, UAE for 2 years where I adopted Caesar and Nero. In December I moved back to Colorado, USA with my two cats (couldn't leave them there!). So they obviously had a very stressful time in December with the long flight. On top of that, they also came from a very humid climate to a very dry climate. Dec-Feb my Aunt took care of my two cats while I looked for a place to live. She has an older cat that is quite cranky, probably stressing out my two cats, or perhaps passing on something that would cause the spots?

You can see pics here (click little magnifying glass for large pics):
Hello there,

Are any of the pigmented areas raised or are they even with the skin?

Is the hair thinning area getting larger?

Is there any new hair growth you can see?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The piment is flat, no raised bumps of any kind. They do look like freckles to me, but I want to make sure there is noting wrong with my little guy.

I don't know if the area is getting larger since my Aunt has been taking care of him for 2 months... I haven't been around to see it develop.

What little hair that is in front of his ears looks very thin, maybe it's new hair growth or remanents of the old hair? Also, the flash on the camera makes the hair look nonexistent, but there is some.
They skin does look inflamed or infected. It does not look like anything that will need medical attention. I would be most suspicious of a stress related problem from the move, flight and other cat. Anything contagious would be itchy. If the areas are not getting larger, I would wait it out and see if the new hair grows in on it's own. I doubt any medication will be needed or would help.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks a lot. That really helps to ease my mind. I'll need to take them to the vet in a couple months for vaccinations, etc. So, I'll feel better in the meantime that there is nothing to be alarmed about. I'll keep an eye on the har loss for now.