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I am concerned about my cats affectionate behavior is she sick

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I am concerned about my cats affectionate behavior is she sick? My cat had diarrhea for 6 or so months I had taken her in out and of the vets, they did tests on her and never found anything. During this time her appetite and behavior had not changed. I took her to another vet and we switched her litter and food and gave her some medication and her stool was normal again within a week. This was about 2 months ago however since got better she has been very clingy to me (not that I am complaining) always sitting in my lap, sleeping on me, licking me……..She plays more, still eats like a pig, drinks normal. She is 31/2 yrs old, indoor only, spayed and a single cat I got her at 4 months and she was not treated very well she lots of had fleas, worms etc and I was already her 4th owner. If I take her to the vet again she’ll freak and the diarrhea will for sure come back I do not know what to do I am a little nervous with her affectionate behavior. Do you have suggestions? Or am being stupid? Thank you.

You are not being stupid, you are being concerned by an obvious change in your cat's normal behavior. Good for you. That is usually the first sign that something is wrong in cats. In this case, however, I don't think anything is wrong.


It may be that your cat feels so much better since you fixed her diarrhea problem and put her on a more acceptable food that you are now seeing the true her. It may also be that she sees you as companion and security and she is just showing her affection.


One caveat, if her "affection" tends to cycle like every 3-4 weeks, or she shows other signs of being in heat, she will need to be seen to make sure she doesn't have a piece of ovary left from her spay surgery that might be producing hormone. This however, is very rare.


Yours is a nice question to answer. Sounds like you just have a cat that loves you.


Hope this helps. If so please click so that we can be here to answer more questions like yours. Thank you.

Edited by Doctor 4 Cats on 2/28/2010 at 9:21 PM EST
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