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My cat lost her voice about 2 weeks ago, she can make noise,

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My cat lost her voice about 2 weeks ago, she can make noise, but it's just really raspy, not like before. I took her to the vet, he said there's nothing in her throat, but then sent in an aide to tell me they wanted $400 to try to figure out whats wrong with Max...x-rays and bloodwork. She is totally fine other than her voice. Any ideas?



There are a number of things that can cause a loss of voice in a cat.


1. A viral infection by causative agents such as the feline herpes virus or feline calici virus. These can cause inflammation of the throat and produce a laryngitis. You may, or may not, see other upper respiratory signs with these viruses as well. Bacterial infections can produce similar signs.


2. A foreign body could be stuck in the throat.


3. There could be a polyp, or a mass, in the throat.


4. Laryngeal paralysis which could be caused by a problem with the nerves signals going to that area or due to inflammation.


5. Too much talking. An example of this would be if a new cat kept showing up outside the window and your cat kept telling it to get lost.


6. Hyperthyroidism


7. Hyopkalemia which means low blood potassium


If your vet did not see anything on the physical exam, they would have to do further diagnostics to figure out the cause. Sorry : (


If he does not have a sensitive stomach, give him a little warm chicken broth and see if that soothes his throat.


A spoonful of vanilla icecream might help as well. I am talking a teaspoon not a scoop : )

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
She did meow a lot one Sunday morning a few weeks ago when I wasn't feeling well & slept rather late. I'm worried about her, even though she plays and eats and drinks water and is perfectly fine other than her voice, but I cannot afford $400. I will try the warm chicken broth tonight when I get home, but If I had to start with X-rays or bloodwork, which one, in your opinion, should I start with?

Hmmm. That depends.


How old is she?


Is she vomiting or having diarrhea?


Has her water consumption, or urination, changed?


How is her appetite?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
She is almost 5, she was feral when I rescued her at about 5 weeks old. As for the vomiting, she always has, about 1 time a week average, usually when she eats too fast, or if I get home late from work and she's stressed about eating. She still eats great (alot), water consumption is the same. I did start her on Laxatone Saturday, per the Vet's advice.

Thank you. I would start with blood work then.


She is young to have a mass in her throat. Also some masses are difficult to see on x rays. If the blood work is normal, the vet may want to put her under anesthesia and look at her throat that way.


It is not like you can tell her to say "aaaaahhhh" and see if her tonsils are inflammed right?


You could also try a week of antibiotics, and anti inflammatories, and see if that helps too. This would treat infection and inflammation.





Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank you for your help, I don't suppose antibiotics and antinflammatories are available online?


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
She did not have a fever at the vet's office...I will try the chicken broth, and if it's not better soon, I will go for the bloodwork. Thank you Dr Gabby for your help.

You can get the antibiotics online but you need a vet prescription to order them.


Some vets will write a prescription and some charge a fee to write that prescription.


You can ask your vet and see what they say.




You are more than welcome : )