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My cat has been crying , loud meows, restless, roaming around

Resolved Question:

My cat has been "crying" , loud meows, restless, roaming around the house for past two days - can not seem to get comfortable, but does purr when I hold her. She has urinated a few times on the carpet and has also had one bowel movment last night on the carpet (think it was her and not the dog). I took her to the vet yesterday. He did urinalysis, saw some bacteria and debris in the urine but no crystals - and though it was an early UTI. He started her on an antibiotic. I know ther has not been sufficient time for the antibiotic to take full effect, but I'm surprised at that she is so vocal and seems to be so uncomfortable - does nto seem typical for UTI.   Should I be concerned or take her in again? Indoor cat only - has been spayed
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Cat Veterinary
Expert:  petdrz replied 7 years ago.



I have a few questions to a better assist you.


Do you know if they saw blood in her urine sample yesterday?


Is she acting uncomfortable when she urinates? Have you seen her straining to urinate or have a bowel movement? Was this stool that you found on the carpet yesterday formed or was it soft?


Does she seem to have an appetite (before the antibiotic made her vomit?)


Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX will respond after you reply.




Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I believe he said there was no blood in the urine - only debris and bacterida - thought we had caught this early.

The stool we found on the carpet this morning was formed.

Her litter box is in the basement, and I have not followed her. She has always been more of a "private" cat with her bathroom habits. I did see her urinate on the carpet once yesterday and did not look like she was straining too much if at all.

Seems to be eating ok - but hard to say - she was very interested in the pill pocket I pt her pill in. I have an elderly small dog too so hard for me to be definitive on whose poop and vomit I am finding - sorry!

She is continuing to just walk around meowing loudly and low.

Expert:  petdrz replied 7 years ago.

Okay that information helps.


What concerns me the most about blaming all of these signs on her possible urinary tract infection is that true bacterial infections of the urinary tract in young cats such as she is are not common. While these cats certainly can have urinary discomfort and inflammation, it is not usually caused by bacteria in which case the antibiotics probably are not going to make a big difference in relieving her symptoms. More often these cats are affected by a condition called idiopathic cystitis, or more simply, inflammation of the bladder from an unknown cause. They can be very uncomfortable and could have signs as you describe. There usually is blood in the urine. The only way to definitively rule out this condition from a bacterial infection is with the urine culture, so if one were not performed, it is uncertain whether she needs the antibiotics or if they are helping her. If not, it would be worth investigating other possible causes of urinary discomfort like for instance bladder stones, tumors etc. In addition, if this truly was a case of idiopathic cystitis, it sounds like she needs some pain relief.


It is also possible that the urinary tract is not the problem and her urinary accidents may simply be because she is painful or something else is bothering her. Sometimes cats with colitis or G.I. signs will develop a litter box aversion, because they associate their litter pan with pain, but the same could be true, if she were having pain or discomfort, generating from another source like her hips.


If she is continuing with these symptoms, I would definitely have her re-examined today.

The symptoms you describe and the results of her urine tests do not strongly point to the urinary tract as the cause. While it could be, it still would be a good idea to look for other possible causes, especially since cats are so good at hiding their diseases.

I am linking an article about feline lower urinary tract disease for you to read more about it




Good luck with her and I hope you're able to get the bottom of the soon so that she can get some relief. Please let me know if you have any further questions.



Edited by Dr Z on 2/9/2010 at 4:53 PM EST
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for your help. I don't know what to do - she just sounds so pitiful walking around crying and crying, yet purring when I pick her up. But she won't stay in my lap for my long. Guess I will take her back to vet, but can you give me any guidance on what I should ask/ request?
Expert:  petdrz replied 7 years ago.

I would ask them to try to identify the source of her discomfort or anxiety. If they really think it is a urinary tract infection, why is she so upset about it? Most cats are not that uncomfortable.


They may want to consider an xray to see if they can identify any other possible causes.

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