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i put triple antibiotic w/PAIN RELIEVER on cats severe chin

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i put triple antibiotic w/PAIN RELIEVER on cat's severe chin acne tonight. I think he used his paw to lick most of it off. Naturally, the tube says "if swallowed, call poison control center" concerned should I be that Charlie ingested this medication? And what symptoms, if any, should I look for if this was toxic? Advice?? Thanks, paranoid mommy

Can you look at the active ingredients and let me know what they are?

Is your cat salivating, or dripping drool now?

How long ago did he lick it?


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
okay. Thanks for getting back to me....I'm a silly mommy....a dentist, so I think I know a little....yikes!!!! Anyway, I didn't realize it has 'pain relief". It is Walgreens triple antibiotic.......

per 1gm......contains bacitracin zinc 500 units .....neomycin 3.5mg........polymyxoin B sulfate 10,000 units..... and the pain reliever, pramoxine HCl 10 mg

put it on his chin an hour ago......he is a lazy slug anyway, so just laying here like always....he ate some hard food. seems to be ok... I'm just a little nervous about the pain reliever. No drooling.....
his chin is warm to the touch....going to try to take him to our vet tomorrow after work or friday AM.....we use stainless steel water bowls, so not sure how this got so severe the past few loss, bloody/crusty.....

I wanted to double check on pramoxine before letting you know for certain and it is NOT toxic. In fact, it is contained in certain shampoos and it won't cause your cat any harm.


Dr. Debbie

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
awesome! thank you....we can all go to sleep now! way past our bedtime.....btw.....we are in Nashville! Thanks so much!!
Oh! Howdy, neighbor! You're welcome.