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Cat doesnt want to eat, drink or move. Eye are starey and

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Cat doesn't want to eat, drink or move. Eye are starey and ears are down parallel with the top of her head. She stares like she is not seeing you. She is a 3 year old named Luna. Outdoor a little every day before sick. This is how she as been for 2-1/2 days.

thank you [email protected]
Hi Cats mom,
I am concerned by your description. She sounds very sick, and probably dehydrated.

Cats are secretive about being sick, and hide their symptoms until they are so sick they can't hide it anymore. A cat that stops eating, or eats very little, is saying as clearly as she can, that she is ill.

When a cat goes a day or more without eating and drinking much, they get dehydrated, which makes the original illness even worse.

Another problem in cats is that their livers begin to fail if they go too long without eating, and develop fatty liver syndrome. Fatty liver syndrome can be fatal.

I would try to get as much liquid into her as possible: water, broth, milk, anything she will drink. She needs to be examined and rehydrated at your veterinarian as soon as possible, and to find her underlying illness (infection, injury) and treat it.

Hope this helps, Rebecca
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I should have asked about her vaccination status as well. If she goes outside, and if she is not vaccinated for rabies, you have to be concerned about that. Rabies is just one of the viruses that could make her have a fever, seem out of it, and not eat, but since rabies is contagious to people, it has to be taken seriously in an unvaccinated cat. Of course, if she has had a rabies shot, then you should not have to worry.