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Dr. Andi
Dr. Andi, Veterinarian
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cat: is constantly licking and or scratching (no fleas..her olive oil

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my cat is constantly licking and or scratching (no fleas) can I give her olive oil to help?

Olive oil will not be that effective for your cat. I would however try fish oil- salmon or cod liver oil usually works best. This will help decrease the amount of shedding, thus decrease the amount of hairballs. It will also help increase her overall coat quality.

The itching/scratching could be a food allergy, flea-bite allergy or other cause. Even months after cats have fleas, they can have allergic reactions to the saliva from the flea bites. So, I would recommend using a product like Revolution at least once or twice to treat for this. Also, the itching and hairballs could both be from a food allergy. This is a tough issue in cats, because it's hard to find a food they're not allergic too. I would first try a hypoallergenic diet from Royal Canin or Eukanuba- ask your vet about these. Other suggestions are: Wellness Core or Evo, both of which are grain-free foods.

If she is mostly licking her belly, then that could also be due to stress. For this, I would try Feliway diffusors which plus in to your outlets and release an appeasing pheromone thus reducing stress.

I hope these suggestions help you, and good luck!
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