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cat: has rice like worms around her anus

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my cat has rice like worms around her anus. what are they? where did they come from?(she is an inside cat) How do I get rid of them. are they dangerous to the kids?

The worms you are seeing are tapeworms segments. Cats get them from eating rodents and/or ingesting fleas. The best way to prevent them is to treat your cat and all other in contact pets with monthly flea preventative, and to make sure she does not eat rodents. They are easily treated with oral dewormers. Just make sure the dewormer targets tapeworms, as most OTC dewormers are only effective against roundworms. There is always a chance people can contract tapeworms, but they must ingest them. Therefore, it is only a real concern in young children who frequently put their hands in their mouths.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
okay everyone is telling me they are pin worms, but, no? We had a flea episode a couple months back is this from that? So like a back of the neck flea treatment or should I take her to the vet?
They are not pin worms, cats do not get these. The tapeworms likely are due to your flea episode. It generally takes about 30 days for a cat to become infected with tapeworms after ingesting an infective larvae. The best flea preventative are those products available at your veterinarian (Advantage, Frontline, etc.). The majority of OTC flea products are ineffective and can cause severe reactions.
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