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Can our indoor cat that has never been outside get rabies

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Can our indoor cat that has never been outside get rabies? He just bit my daughter unprovoked, which has us puzzled. We have another cat that does go in and out and they eat from the same bowls, but this cat seems fine, normal and friendly. could our indoor cat be cranky- we know he is not happy with the other cat indoors getting attention too. thanks, XXXXX XXXXX we do? The outdoor cat has been vaccinated, butt the indoor cat has been 2 yrs. since vaccination.
Hello there,

Is the cat vaccinated against rabies?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Not recently - b/c this cat never goes out , always been an indoor cat usually stays away from other cats , on ly looks to be petted from people - 4 that live in house. He bit my daughter who owns him - so strange, he sleeps with her .. Also, he has always drooled alot.......... ? Hope this helps
Rabies is transmitted through bite wounds from an infected animal. If the cat has been vaccinated and has not been bitten, he does not have rabies. The vaccine is very effective. The cat has something else going on. It could be behavioral or he could be painful somewhere and reacted when touched. Cat bites get infected very quickly. If the skin was punctured, your daughter needs to be on oral antibiotics immediately.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The indoor cat has NOT been vaccinated,(the one that bit) , but has been with the outdoor cat that has been vaccinated. Can they get rabies from sharing bowls, or playing with the outdoor cat that has been vaccinated??? The cat is acting strange,wasn't really touched or petted at time of bite, ) but the other one is fine. What kind of oral antibiotics are you referring to for my daughter?
If the outdoor cat has been vaccinated he cannot give it to the indoor cat, even if they share bowls. The indoor cat could get rabies from an infected bat if one got into the house. If the cat that bit your daughter was never vaccinated, the health department should be contacted for advice and recommendations. The cat should be quarantined outside the home according your state's specific laws. Each is different.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
It must be a behavioral issue, we will watch it closely. Also, you did not say what type of antibiotics would be used, and this cat was- a few yrs. ago vaccinated..........
You need to get your daughter whatever antibiotics her doctor recommends. I take cephalexin myself when I get bitten.