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Dr. Kris
Dr. Kris, Veterinarian
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Experience:  I am a small animal vet and I see mostly dogs and cats and an occasional exotic pet, pig and goat.
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I accidentally cut my cats skin while getting a piece of matted

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I accidentally cut my cats skin while getting a piece of matted fur off. How do I treat the cut so it doesn't get infected?
HiCustomerbr />
I'm Dr. Kris.

The first thing you need to do is shave the hair around the wound. If the cut is in an area that your cat can reach to lick then you need to get her an e-collar from a pet store. Get some gauze (not cotton since pieces of it tends to get stuck in wounds) and clean the cut twice daily with peroxide. Apply neosporin or bacitracin twice daily too. Do this for 10-14 days. Keep the area clean and dry. You do not have to bandage it if you do this.

If the cuts gets bigger (it may need sutures) or if it starts to ooze pus or smell then you need to get her to a vet. They may need to remove some of the dead or infected tissue and stitch the wound closed. Also if your cat becomes lethargic and anorexic, it could be a sign of septicemia and she'll need oral antibiotics for that.

I hope this helps.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
this was done yesterday and i didn't notice it until this morning. the skin looks a little swollen. she can lick it but i'm afraid to do anything else with it.
It's normal for there to be a little swelling. If fur is stuck to it, you can moisten the fur with some warm water and try to remove it from inside the wound. You have to shave off the surrounding fur because it contributes to infection. Keep her from licking it because it may make matters worse. If you are afraid to do anything else with it then you should get her to your vet where they can clean it up for you and give her some medication if she needs it.

How big is the cut?
Is it deep?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
it's not deep, just on the surface. if i keep it bandaged for now, would that be okay until i take her to the vet tomorrow?
Yes. Try to clean it with the peroxide twice today and change the bandage each time. You can also apply the neosporin or bacitracin cream twice too. The peroxide won't hurt your girl but the bubbling may feel strange to her.
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