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Dr. Bruce
Dr. Bruce, Veterinarian
Category: Cat Veterinary
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Experience:  15 years of experience as a small animal veterinarian
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my cat has broken off his whiskers. He is an old cat 15 or

Resolved Question:

my cat has broken off his whiskers. He is an old cat 15 or 16 at least. Most of the broken whiskers are one on side and a few on the other. Why is he breaking them off
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Cat Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Bruce replied 7 years ago.



Welcome to Just Answer. Are the wiskers falling out completely? Are they breaking off with shorter pieces remaining attached to the skin?


dr. Bruce

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
There are short pieces remaining, mostly one one side but now some are broken off one the toher side too.
Expert:  Dr. Bruce replied 7 years ago.

Is he grooming himself more? Any other hair loss on his body? Any weight loss or other issues with him?


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
He is old, but he is not loosing hair or grooming more than usual.
Expert:  Dr. Bruce replied 7 years ago.
Could he be traumatizing the wiskers on something in his environment? Does he rub on a lot of things?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
He is an affectionate cat, he lives with 3 dogs but there is no problem with them. I think he is biting the whiskers but doesn't he need them to navigate?
Expert:  Dr. Bruce replied 7 years ago.

If the hairs are breaking off, I too would be most suspicious of trauma to them. Him biting them could be part of the problem. Could he be breaking them off on something else in the environment too? Also possible. At this point, there are some rare situations where the hairs can become brittle and break, but this doesn't sound like it. As far as needing them to navigate, they do provide information when walking in the dark, but most of the time they are not absolutley needed to get around. Honestly, I would watch him for any other hair loss or other issues in relation.


Dr. bruce

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