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My 2 year old cat was blowing her nose alot. The vet diagnosed

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My 2 year old cat was blowing her nose alot. The vet diagnosed her with URI in Jan this year. She was given 2weeks of an antibiotic and I noticed no improvement. Over the last 9 months she seems to blow her nose less then relapses abit it seems. The vet said it make take months or years for her to improve but it will always be in her system. I have tried L-Lysine, vitamins , excellent food. A friend told me to try Vit C, but I wasn't sure about that so I haven't done that yet. She eats like a horse, is pretty active. seems healthy otherwise. Her nasal discharge is light yellow and sometimes tinged with pink. She certainly blows her nose hard. Is there anything else I can do for her? She was a shelter cat that I adopted. I love her.

This can be a chronic frusterating problem.
Occasionally, cats will tolerate local instillation of saline drops to the nasal cavity. This stimulates a sneeze response and encourages evacuation of mucus.

One thing thing that I have had sucess with is putting Gentamycin antibiotic EYE drops into the nose. The infection seems to clear up quicker.
If one antibiotic does not help it may be worth trying others. Some that often help are :clavamox, clindamycin, azithromycin or doxycycline. She may need to be on one long term.
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