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Dr. Karen
Dr. Karen, Veterinarian
Category: Cat Veterinary
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Experience:  Graduated vet school with honors; Own 6 cats; involved in feral cat rescue.
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my cat has ringworm, will the coconut oil i have been putting

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my cat has ringworm, will the coconut oil i have been putting on her work as well as the hroconazole suspension?
HI there- Unfortunately I do not think the cocnut oil will be nearly as aeffective as the antifungal medcation. Ringworm can be very tough to treat and can takes weeks to get under control so you have to be aggressive and use effective medications or you will have a very har dtime treating it.
Write back if you have more questions,
Dr Karen
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I did go see the vet. he presribed the hranconzole suspension, but he also gave the kitten a fL shot and said to wait to use the medicine. he thought the ringworm was only in two spots, but her whole body is infected. from reading about the coconut oil, it has caprylic acid in it that is antifungal but doesn't hurt the natural flora of the skin. the vet was concerned about the side efects of the medicine and the FL shot on the kitten. i have to go see him in a month for a different cure for it. he won't do anything till then because of the FL shot. she is an outdoor cat and full of spit and vineger, and i don't want this to spread to my indoor cat. i was hoping if you had any experience with the coconut oil and if it helped to stop the spread of the spores. seeing that ringworm is a plant that loves keretin. thank you for your time inet
Hi again- I have had several clients try to use the coconut oil for ringworm and also for various other skin conditions like allergies or infections. I have never been impressed with the results. Also I did a literature search and have spoken to toher vets about it, and no one I have talked to seems to think it will do much for the skin. I am very concerned the ringworm could be spread to YOU and your indoor cat. It is tru theta the oral antifungal medications are strong and we must be careful with them espeically in young animals. Sometimes we just treated it topically with antifungal shampoos/dips. I think the longer you wait to treat it the worse it will be and in the meantime she is spreading it everywhere.
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