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My siamese cat seems to have a lump under its left front leg

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My siamese cat seems to have a lump under its left front leg and two lumps under its neck just behind the jaw bone one on each side what could cause these ?
If the lump under the leg is pretty much in the armpit, or just behind it, it may be a lymph node. The lumps behind the jaw bone might also be lymph nodes, but could be salivary glands which are right there and hard to differetiate.

Feel behind the knees in what I like to call the "knee pits," there are another set of lymph nodes there too. See if those feel big too. Here's a diagram of the major external lymph nodes on a dog (cat's are similar)

Enlaged lymph nodes can be a sign of infection, inflammation, or cancer in the area that those particular lymph nodes drain.

Tell me about your cat: How old is it? Boy or girl? What breed?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
There are no lumps in the knee areas the cat is siamese pure breed and about 10 months old and also has extreme bad breath is there any otc item that will help with the lumps till I can get to my vet?
If your cat is not clinical (meaning not acting lethargic, eating, drinking, urinating, and defecating well, and has no vomiting), there is no need to treat right now.
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