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how do you give a penicillin shot to a cat

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how do you give a penicillin shot to a cat?

First, can you tell me why you are giving one? And to treat what?

Where did you get the penicillin? Do you know how much to give?

What kind of penicillin is it? Brand name and strength?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi Dr.JD..I'm wanting to give my cat an injection for a cold.She is usually an indoor cat but did go out a few nights ago for a couple of hours & now she is sneezing & coughing.Also a little fever.I can feel inside of her ears & tell.The penicillin came from a feed store {refrigerated} & it's called Pen-g Max in Aqueous suspension made by a company by the name of Am-Tech.I'm not sure of dosage but was told to give her 1cc for 2-3 days.I also was wondering if it should be given in her rump or in the skin between her shoulders IF I should even give it to her at all? TY J.Matthews



Thanks for the info.


Most colds in cats are viral infections, so antibiotics won't have any effect. They are usually self limiting and resolve within a week as long as it doesn't get complicated or turn into pneumonia. Is she eating/drinking ok? Is she acting lethargic?


Penicillin can be given in the muscle and sometimes as a subcutaneous injection. Have you ever given an injection in the muscle before? If you don't feel comfortable doing it, I wouldn't.


Also, there are other causes of the symptoms you described including allergies, asthma, and feline heartworm disease.





Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have given an injection to myself due to hep c but never to an animal.I have seen it done many times but noticed the info on the bottle & that is why I was wondering about a shot being injected into the skin.The lady that I talked to at the feed store had agreed with me to give it in the skin so after reading the info I was confused.Ginger,my cat has just been lying around alot today & not eating her catnip or chicken snacks nor food but did attempt to eat some dry this evening.I also would like to tell you that she is part siamese if that has anything to do with any answers & that since I've had her,she has always been easy to catch colds & end up with congestion & an ear infection.This is why I was wanting to get a jump on it to hopefully prevent the high fever & earaches.She already has a little congestion too.So what do you think?

Well... if it is a virus the penicillin won't help.


You can give the injection by picking up the skin between the shoulders and making a tent.., sticking the needle through the skin into the space between the skin and the muscle... pull back on the plunger to make sure you don't get blood, and then inject into the space just under the skin... If you get a lot of resistance on injection, you are probably either still stuck in the skin or in the muscle underneath. Most pets don't mind the injection, but it can sometimes sting. I like to rub the area afterwards so that they don't get a lump or knot. That is made to give daily. You can give 1/4 child's dose of benadryl every 12 hours if there is any sneezing or congestion. Try tempting her with meat flavored baby foods to keep her appetite up. When cats get colds and they get congested, their nose might get stopped up, and they rely on their sense of smell to eat... besides possibly having a fever, that's why many of them stop eating, so offering things like meat flavored baby foods that are very aromatic will help.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you for your time & I will try what you have told me.I have 5 cats total {one black stray in the past month that's still got to go to the vet} so that is why it's so hard to go everytime one sneezes.It does get costly so I am trying to convince my son to go to college to become a vetrinarian! LOL Afterall if your going to love & keep animals you should know how to take care of them!Again thank you so much.My Ginger is telling me to get off the pc now so I am going to go take care of her!She's scampering around some so hopefully she'll be her old self soon! Have a pleasant week & God Bless!
Sincerely,Janice Matthews
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
My paypal account shows that I was only charged $5 for your services.I meant for that to be a bonus besides the $9 fee.If you do not recieve it please let me know so I can send it.Thank you,Janice Matthews
Thank you so much! I will check the account. Don't worry about it if it didn't ... I'm glad to be helpful. If you ever have any questions again and would like to request me, put "to Dr. JD" in the subject line and common etiquette on the site will allow me to answer it.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you Dr.JD.I will save your name & this site in my favorites!
My initials are JD so I won't forget! ;o)
Enjoy your full moon tonight!
~Brightest Blessings~
PS.. I did get the bonus, thank you.