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Any textbooks on résumé and cover writing? Or does anyone

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Any textbooks on résumé and cover writing? Or does anyone have any advice to give or want to critique my résumé? It's my first job, and it's a seasonal one, entry-level and I don't think a lot of people know about it either so I'm not really worried but I like being thorough as well as respectful to whoever comes across my stuff, I don't want to come across as someone who doesn't care or doesn't put in effort, etc.

Good afternoon,

Glad to hear you want your resume and cover letter to look professional for your first job.

Some quick tips to provide first as keeping your resume at one page if possible as anything longer that it will be put aside. Since this is your first job that I would think that information you have on your resume will be limited which is fine. List volunteer work as well as classes you had at school that would offer an insight into your work habits and studies.

Below is a helpful article that walks you through the resume and cover letter writing:

I hope that the information provided has been found helpful. Also if you could please take a second to rate my assistance so that I know my help was found useful.

Take care,

Librarian Michael

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