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Michael, Employment Services
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I am having trouble securing a job after completing my

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I am having trouble securing a job after completing my master's and I don't know how I should go about finding a headhunter/recruiter/Interview trainer? How do I go about getting my life together and "adulting?"

Good afternoon,

Job searching is as much work as actual employment. Happy to offer some suggestions and tips to get your career moving in the right direction:

1. Working with a headhunter/recruiter/job placement agency would be a good start in having assistance with creating a professional CV/resume as well as offering guidance in finding employment in the field you are interested in. Start by reviewing those in the area of the country you wish to work in with the directory listed below:

2. Having a professional page on Linkedin is a good way for recruiters to find you. If not already on this site that consider creating a well documented presentation for recruiters to locate.

3. Networking is another way to reach out to those hiring. Inquire with those industries that interest you for employment as to attend those meetings in your area.

4. Good way to practice your interview skills is to join a local "Toastmasters" group. Helpful in working on your speaking skills for when you are ready to interview.

5. Finally, book recommendation that has helped many over many decades. Titled "What Color is Your Parachute" that this considered one of the best in terms of helping getting your life and career moving along.

I hope that the information provided has been found helpful. Also if you could please take a second to rate my assistance so that I know my help was found useful.























Take care,

























Customer: replied 16 days ago.
Hi Michael,

Thank you for the quick response!

1. Thank you, reviewing the site now!

2. Done it.

3. Done it/ Continuing to do it.

4. Ugh, what a great new resource! Thanks!

5. I'm an avid reader and adding this to my amazon cart IMMEDIATELY.

Thanks for offering some new methods into the mix. Rating you now :)

You are very welcome as I can also recommend that checking with your local public library for a copy of the book. Can save you some money as well!

Take care and best of luck in the job search as I know you will find the right job to begin your career!


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