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This is going to be a question which is not your average

Customer Question

Hi. This is going to be a question which is not your average question. First let me set up the situation. I , am a business owner. I provide a service strictly for other business. I set up business's with the ability to accept credit cards. Through the 25 years in the industry, I have done very well. That is because many of my satisfied customers referred their friends to me that are looking to accept credit cards. Other competitors of mine, that do not have the solutions that I offer, also come to me to team up and split the profit of a sale. Making half a sale is better than none.Here is the issue I need your opinion as to what and why and how I can break the fear of a new relationship that the 'prospect' looking for my service has. Let me give you examples of normal behavior on a 'consumer' you can even put yourself as the consumer if you wish. If a consumer see an info comeercial, and they want the " product", the first thing they do is to see if they can find it locally and at a lower cost. If a consumer sees a "service' in a commercial, rather than patronizing the service that gave them the need to buy....they take that info and try and contact a local service that they may have had some social interaction with in the past. maybe it was just someone that they knew from their kids team sports dad. They would feel more comfortable with someone they can see and maybe spoke to in the past.When it comes to the though process of a business owner, things are a bit differant. Business owners like myself, and maybe like you if you are self employed 'try very hard not to seek or start a new business relationship with a service they have never dealt with before. In my case, the business owner see a solution on my website and rather than inquire to me, they run to a bank or their current credit card service and ask if they have something similar. When the bank or other service says no.....they still prefer not to inquire with the service (me) that has the solution. Another strange behavior that we all do is this: If you or I needed a can of paint or a and I get in our cars and drive pass 2 or three mom and pop hardware stores to go to the home depot or lowes. And if they do not have it, maybe reluctantly they would walk into the mom and pop as a last resort.My question is coming. My only advertisement to expose of my existence is my website and word of mouth. and my sales are done over the phone just like a call center taking an order for pillows. Nothing is face to face. Here is my question: If a brave business owner does call me from out of the blue and has that reluctance to even do business with me.....what can I say that you think will make him lower his guard and consider starting a new relationship with a service that he already knows no other service has?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Job
Expert:  Michael replied 1 year ago.
From everything I have read on your product that you have something that is unique in this field as well as can be a game changer in the industry. It sounds like business is doing well but growth is a factor to build and create a better and stronger company. Went ahead this morning to offer ideas in how to reassure new customers to try your service.1. Fear is a major focus of a new customer as they are unaware of something that they may not be aware of that they need. Good retailers will attempt to reassure buyers about the product they are buying. This can be from explaining about customer service to tech support to return policy. Something that big box retailers do not have a good history with in terms of dealing with customers. Selling your services with these key ideals can help break the ice with a nervous customer. Always spend a little extra time on what your product actually does and the benefits it brings when you’re working with a customer who is unaware of your service.2. Breaking down a purchase into incremental steps is also very effective. This can help explain a new product or service which can appear smaller at first. Then expanding on the service can help make the fear less in terms of a new customer.3. Testimonials from clients that you already have is a good way for a new customer to understand more about your service. New clients will see your website first and having positive responsive results from your current clients can open the door to a call from the new customer.4. Face to face can help in bringing in new business. From attending trade shows to a larger profile on social media, growing in a more one-on-one basis can offer something big box retailers do not.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I know fear is an issue in personnel life as well as in business life. On your first point.... Starting a new friendship or a new business relationship needs trust to form first. However when a web surfer looks at my webpage and product and likes what they see , they would rather deal with someone they already made contact with....even though they do not have my service. So I can not get them to trust me and lose the fear if they do not call or connect with me . Your second point can not happen website visitor does not follow up with a call. Point 3 is semi good however I can not list names or companies because my competitors will badger them daily. Point 4 face to face is not possible and not needed for my business because of screen share and other online services.The question was to go to a psychiatrist or psychologist . But I will put my question in another way. why " business owners " not consumers or non business owners, go to business networking groups, trade shows, business 2 business gatherings seeking to build a trust or referral networking relationship with another business....but when that other business pitches their product to them, they don't want to purchase from that said business.?a simple example: when I go to Chamber of commerce gathering, I try an introduce myself to other members. When I tell them what I do, they say they already have something similar. When I say I can do it better and for less....they shut down or end the conversation. Or they will take my service idea and check with their service to see if they have something similar. If they do, they will stay with thier service. If they do not have my solution, the business owner decides not to persue it...."everything is fine the way it is" attitude kicks in.
Expert:  Michael replied 1 year ago.
As to the points you have stated, you might wish to have a contact number on your website so that yourself or another co-worker can speak to the new customer so that they have a one-on-one relationship with you and your service. That is where the big box retailers hurt in terms of having that relationship with a customer. More mom and pop outfits such as yours have that angle in that they can speak individually and not just with a website. Studies have shown that customer service over a phone can bring in sales and offer a better relationship with customers. Something to consider.As for point 3, you may wish to work out an agreement with clients that you wish to use their recommendations on your site but not to bother new clients. Or use their names and then work out an agreement to share info as the new client comes into the system.Much has to do with sales and pitching your idea to new customers. Learning how to pitch your product and make it sound like you have something that is better and cheaper. This could be from researching your competition and finding what flaws are in their product and how your service can and will be better. True that often companies are hesitant of trying something new as they have already put time and money in a system that already works for them. It is finding that niche that is not there with their system that you have to find.Traveling to trade shows in my business and I see that often companies will take a wait and see attitude on trying something new. Cost has much to do with this as they have already done the research and cost analysis and purchasing something new is time consuming and can cause a stop in production. What I would suggest is going over your pitch to groups as well as the design of your website and see where improvements can be made. A great product such as yourself needs information that is clear and concise and by my thinking, recommendations from industry leaders and clients that are offering their positive thoughts on the system. Getting your service into trade publications as well as blogs will also get the word out.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
You are skipping over the issue I have. I have a chat box on my website people can click on to chat if they are afraid of verbal communication. There is also a email format to send their questions. I also have phone number in several easy to see locations on all my pages. Yet, with the choice of either calling or chatting or email, they runaway to ask some local service that does not have my solution. My pitch is fine, comparison with their service or other services I can handle, it is the mystery of the visitor seeking a better solution ....finding it and then not taking the step to find out more specifically with me.To put my question in a third way....the mystery of why a business owner that sees a better solution perfers not to start a new relationship...not even call...not even the chat....not even to email questions. I have spoken to 'business experts ' for 25 years, and I wanted a psychiatrist or psychologist point of view and answer on this. Looks like the psychiatrist or psychologist at JA are hiding under their desks.
Expert:  Michael replied 1 year ago.
It sounds like you have quite the business and what I hope is a bigger and growing future. Let me go ahead and opt-out of this question as I hope that one of our experts in psychology can assist.Librarian Michael
Expert:  Michael replied 1 year ago.
Thought that until one of our experts in psychology responds back to you, I would go ahead this evening to conduct some research on what has been written on new product adoption and the psychology of acceptance by a business. Here are some case studies that might interest you:1. HBR on New Product Adoption and psychology: might be interested in purchasing this article for the low price offered.3. file:///C:/Users/Admin/Downloads/The%20Psychology%20of%20New%20Product%20Forecasts.pdf