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How hard is it to find a job? How should i go about it? If i

Customer Question

How hard is it to find a job? How should i go about it? If i have a general discharge from the military, a GED no car no liscense and basically experience in retail and fast food that really it. Amd advice?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Job
Expert:  Martin replied 1 year ago.

You first need to decide why you want to work. For money, for fun, to not be alone, to learn new skills, to make a difference in the world? Depending of what you want you will apply at different places. You might even find that you prefer to be your own boss. In general, finding a job is not that hard if you don't look like a slacker, you are punctual, you don't lie and don't want the best from the start. Feed me a bit about yourself and i will be able to guide you better.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I work hard as all hell. Would like to work anywhere that would keep me in a position were i am out of support and money and broke as a joke. Money mainly. I kinda need money in order to live in the world today. Fun? Sure. It would make the job easier. Im a thrill seeker adventurer and adrenalin junkie by passion. But never enough resources or never at the right place or never know anybody to pursue that route. To be alone i do work best alone. However given what 90-100% of every job known to man involves being able to work well with other people around you. And the ones that do it the best while making profit in whatever organization that they so choose to pursue with whether it be there heart time strength or money. most cases go the farthest the fastest. And if ur multilingual...uh! Make a difference in the world? Tell me where to be how to arrive what to do how long to do it and where go afterwards. In short- hell yeah! Im punctual. Cant say i dont lie. Everybody lies. But i only try to keep in a more protective cage so to speak. Lie to protect my loved ones from harm if need be. And learning new skills? I see no reason why i should say anything but hell yeah again. Why learn new skills and become a better you? Why not!! Im in my mid 20s and in my situation though i honestly just could possibly need a job. Friends wont be around to help. Family cant for reasons and eventually no job money will run out. There you have it. Oh yeah no matter what job i ever have my boss will never more than once tell me work before family. Family is always first. Always! I guess thats it.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Correction to the previous. Second to third line from the top should read.
To keep me out of a position. Thats it
Expert:  Martin replied 1 year ago.

I see. So i think you would be perfect to take a hard job that everybody hate to be able to build cash and asset. You may be interested in all kind of fly in fly out jobs in the north like this one for example:

they often do not ask for much diploma and the salary are a lot above average.

If you want local job, you must try every place that pay good even if they don't post any job right now. It is a lottery but how many loterry do you know that have free ticket? :)

The first thing to do it to get a job, even if it does not pay much just to act as a platform to be able to search for a better one (ideally a job that will not put the owner into a bad position when you quit as there is never a good reason to burn bridge and possible good referal).

I know how you feel about that teamwork mentality that invaded most companies. This is something promoted by human ressources department. Try to deal directly with owners and not with those department or manager as much as you can because the laters mostly are in conflict of interest and will always want to hire someone more stupid than them to not risk their advancement chance. Also owners know that "social" worker are mainly unproductive and always talk with co-worker about their weekend instead of getting the job done (getting the job done is a key phrase you need to use btw, that often seal the deal).

I think that being adventurous is your biggest asset to put in front of your resume. Many boss want someone that will accept great responsabilities but the unknown usually freak out most employees these days, they just want cozy jobs without too much action.

You must not only take job posting board as a good enough strategy. You need to go in the field and talk to folk that seem to be in position to hire or influence in that matter. Sometime in a week you can go where the wealthy are hanging (expensive car dealership, bar etc... you may even talk to them at their house if they are on the front yard and let them a business card.

Finding a job is a job, you need a certain dicipline to go anywhere, have a shedule and be organized about it like a military campaign.

Don't diss part time jobs, two jobs sure involve more traveling in the day but it also double the chance of advancement, so keep your eyes on those also.

I hope this help you a bit and i will be there if you want to talk more about this.