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I have a interview tomorrow and I know they are going to

Customer Question

i have a interview tomorrow and I know they are going to situational questions like "how do you handle different personalties" , "give me two flaws" and "what are you action plans", "how do you handle a rep you worked with as a peer previously", I just need examples to get me going
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Job
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
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Expert:  Michael replied 2 years ago.

You are correct that the interview process will be sure to include the various questions you have stated. While I am unable right now to have a phone call follow-up, I can though offer examples on how to proceed with these various questions asked.

1. How to handle different personalities - this falls under behavioral interview question as to find out how your ability is toward working under various circumstances. Tonight I would review what experiences you have had in teamwork projects that had various co-workers who brought different ideas to the table. Explain in detail how you listened to each persons point of view and saw both the positive and negative of each idea and how it was included to finish the project. Maybe you took charge in this project so expand that into how you work well with others and listen to everything presented as project manager or even gave advise to the person in charge.

2. Give me two flaws - turn this question into a positive by letting the interviewer understand that you are always wanting to learn and take on additional projects. Review the job description and see what you might be lacking in experience with and let the interviewer know that you are working toward expanding your knowledge in areas that could use a bit more fine tuning.

3. Action plans - review the job description and look at what is required and express these ideas in the interview. A little research on the company and what they are working on and future projects would be a way to bring in your ideas for what you can offer in a action plan for the position. You might also want to review online some examples of 30/60/90 action plans in your industry to get a feel of what can be offered to the company.

4. Handle a rep previously - show your professional experience dealing with others at all levels. Let the interviewer know that the company and its ethics and responsibility are first and you will work with someone who had a different position before with no issues. Explain how well you worked with the rep and how that relationship will continue.