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I am working as cleaner in showroom and my incharge (DRIVER)

Customer Question

I am working as cleaner in showroom and my incharge (DRIVER) whos very close to boss.
He is very bad in english but hes still close to boss so he thinks hes boss too...
He always makes me feel embaraced or bad...
For example:-
Sumtimes Someone says sumthing to him abt me in normal tone but he understanf half sentance anf get contused and tells me that Person is very upset wd me and when i asked the other person than hes alryt and tells me that ur incharge doest understand.
2) when he says something to me and i do it and manager says why i did it than he says ohh i told him why u did dat ... always try to cover his ass...
3) always thinks hes boss when hes just driver close to boss because he is available for them everytym so dey just give me credit for dat..
What shud i do?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Job
Expert:  Martin replied 2 years ago.
Hi. The best for an abusive "superior" like that it to wear a mic and record situations. Then, once you have enough evidence you can go to the real boss with this.
Also, once and for all, just ask your boss one question when that driver is present: "just to be clear, who is my direct superior in this place is it you or the driver". Once this is made clear and that you should take blames and orders only from the real boss, the driver should only become an annoyance and you should invite him to make a written complain to the boss. If the boss then want to give you problem about that, then ask him if he have proof because if he have not you have cars to go clean.
There is always the possibilites that the boss take the driver side (who know they might acually be romantically involved or best friend outside work), in such case i would prevent the boss that if things are not changing, you will go work for a competitor (employers hate having to hire again and also hate to have a possible customers list leak away).