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How to gain experience in todays job market. It appears it

Customer Question

How to gain experience in todays job market. It appears it is nearly impossible to get hired nowadays without very relavant experience. It appears all jobs are turning applicants down because they don't have the "experience" they expect. This is unless
went to or interned in a certain "university." They don't stand a chance. I wonder what is the best way to get such experience of the career one wants to step in.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Job
Expert:  Michael replied 2 years ago.
Even though the economy is in recovery mode, there are still those who cannot find work because of lacking experience that an employer will often ask for. As for suggestions on how to gain experience for a particular job:
1. Depending on the job, getting the necessary knowledge by going to a community college and/or university to learn what is needed is always in demand. Also trade school is something to consider as just a short time in classes there can help in gaining experience. Certification in a particular field can be found by just taking a few courses at your local community college which can cost much less.
2. Internship with a company to learn the basics can help you in gaining the knowledge in today's job market. Learning on the site by someone who can teach you the basics can help in opening doors.
3. Be willing to accept lower positions within a company to learn what is required in a particular career. Even taking part-time jobs that require little experience can then open up to better and full-time work after staying for awhile and showing the employer that you can do the work.