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I had a interview this past Thursday

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I had a interview this past Thursday and I felt like I bombed on it. I was interviewed by 2 ladies for the Houston Housing Authority and one of the lady's asked was I familiar with the Family-Self-Sufficiency Program. I responded yes and the other lady ask me questions and also briefly described the program, so the same woman asked me again was I familiar wit the program and I said no. I feel as though that stop me from getting the job. I send them both Thank you notes the next day, and called human resources and ask about the follow up she mention that they are interviewing several applicants, but they have go through 3 interviews before they select an applicant. The applicants will not be choosing will be sent an email. I was intimated by the lady who kept asking me about the program, and I did rehearsed in my mind interview questions with my perfect answers, but they did not ask me none of the questions I rehearsed. How do I not bombed again if they call me back, and how do I prepare for the next interview in case they call or another company call me. I have been lay off a month now but it feels like a lifetime. I will received unemployment but still waiting for the first payment. Any ideas? I have not been on the job market for the last 7 years ,so I feel rejected about it especially when I submitted an application online , and the employer tells me the job has been filled before they contact me. Sometimes I feel as though I feel overwhelm, so I take a break and wait for the next week hoping they will have jobs I will have an interest in.

First of all, it sounds like from what I read in your explanation that you did as well as to be expected in your interview. You prepared in your mind questions that may be asked as well as writing thank you letters back to the interviewers which is often forgotten by many people when interviewed. As well as you prepared, there are times when everything may not go as planned so understanding what can be improved for the next interview is important.

Now that you are familiar with the interviewers and the type of questions asked, review and take notes about what was asked and see what can be improved. Research online information about the housing authority and find as much as possible to know the structure and organizational structure of the authority. Research news on Houston housing statistics time better prepare you for question that maybe will be brought up. These tips work for any company and/or organization that you interview with as to show you did your research beforehand and prepared over other possible candidates.

Until you receive a follow up call, review your resume along with references as well as continuing to search for that next great job. There are many good suggestions online published by quality sources that I have linked for you:

Positive thinking is key so continue to work toward what will be your future career job that is on the way very soon.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I am interested in applying for a state job, but I have to submit application and resume online. Would it be best if I put the same exact information on my application that is on my resume. If not, what type of keywords can I use to grab the employer attention for the state of Texas?

Texas is hiring so great that you wish to start a career with the state government.

As for the application, keep the information as close as possible in terms of the questions asked as well as the resume attached. Mixing it up a bit in terms of "action words" can make your application stand out from the other applicants.

Here is a good list to consider for your application:
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

What if your skills were 2 years old that applies to the current position. I was a Case Manager at my last job but promoted to prevention specialist for the last 5 years. So, if a job is asking more about qualification's from case management. How do I revised in my resume to fit that position. For example: do I put all of the duties from both jobs under the employer, or do I separate the job title's and duties with separate employment dates?

I would recommend separating the two duties that were under the same employer. This shows that you were a case manager at first and demonstrated an understanding of the job requirements. Listing the promotion to prevention specialist shows growth in your career development. Go ahead and list the two job titles with the separate employment dates.

Here are three samples of a resume that case manager is listed as you can review and see if any key words or phrases can be added to your resume:
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I had another interview this past Wednesday. Everything has seemed to have gone well. The interviewer asked me did I have any questions: My questions were what kind of candidate are you looking for ? What are the benefits ? Is there room for growth? I also reinstated what she said about having a second person joined me when I do home visit's to the mental ill? Did I asked the right questions? She asked me what are the symptom of a bipolar, and schiperia client. Even though I hesitated for a minute, she told it is not a test and it okay I did not know. I gave a personal story of a client I used to have and she does fit a schiperia client of course, after she explained the symptoms to me. She also stated that I had a lot of experience twice and ask could she call my current supervisor, and I said yes. She also told me not to freak out if I don't get a call Monday cause HR is calling, and also she is trying to hire 14 new people. So I would like to know if I ask the right questions, and did me not having recognized any mental health illness help me or not. She also asked do I know any form's of depression, which I stated Post Traumatic stress disorder. She asked what would I do if a client say they will commit suicide, and I said to follow the proper policies and procedure of MHMRA. Also, would It have been best not to ask about benefits since it is posted on there website, but to may be asked what is a typical day as MHMRA? she did described the responsibilities to me. I also mailed a thank you note Friday also.

Fantastic and very happy you are getting interviews past the initial one. This definitely demonstrates that you are a candidate within their organization.

The list of questions you asked were correct as it shows that you took the time to ask about items such as the atmosphere if the workplace along with the benefit package as well as personal growth (showing that you want to grow career wise and not just leave in a few years). Asking about benefits is fine as details are often not posted online and important today as candidates have to choose which job offers have the better options.

Having to pause for a moment when asked a particular question is nothing to be concerned about as this shows that you are taking the time to put your thoughts together and offer a complete answer(which sounds like you did).

Happy you sent a thank you letter as so often that is forgotten by a candidate. This shows you are serious about wanting the position.

I would recommend keeping up to date on any news about MHMRA which can be found online as well as local papers. Keeping current will give you the advantage over the other candidates.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

well the benefits were posted on their website, but I did not want to ask about pay but she told me the range anyway. is it okay to ask even if it is posted?

If she offered the range to you, then inquiring about their pay scale is part of the negotiation for the position. No need to be concerned as this topic will be brought up again when they I hope offer you the position.

In following interviews, concentrate more on the overall work environment of the job as benefits can be worried about later.
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