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dear all, I was looking for a job and a supervisor for an academic

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dear all, I was looking for a job and a supervisor for an academic position. I found someone senior and asked for a three week trial period at his lab, so we can get to know each other and the senior can find out how much I can do. The senior said that he does not have enough money to hire me, but he knows some people that may give an offer.

So I arrived his lab as we agreed, I did my best to learn their technique. At the beginning it was difficult, I worked out. I guess that my learning skill is in the middle level. I only get to know the senior a bit, he seems nice to his students. The senior was very helpful when teaching me the method. I managed it in the end. Same as previously, the senior said that he did not have money to hire me, but he suggest me to apply the position in his partners lab, where he can be the mentor of the project.

The problem is that my residence permit is expired and I need to go back to my home country in Oct 1. The senior said that the program will be announced in october, I haven't heard any other details on the program, only know the place will be the same as I am now. As I do not have any signed contract or detailed info. , I was wondering if I should take this as a serious suggestion from the senior and wait for october in my home country, or he just politely asked me to go back home country after this 3-week trying period? I am really not sure now. I was working so hard until 4am....I've lived here for 9 years,all my friends are sad to accept my leave. I really wanna come back. Me and the senior is going to have a final meeting next monday. Pls let me know if he is serious, if you were me, what would you do the best.
I first want to complement you on your hard work and dedication to the short term position you performed so well at. Not many people would work the long hours with little to no pay but you demonstrated that you can perform in the job at a top level and can take instruction well and can follow directions.

Academic positions within colleges and universities as I am sure you are aware are dealing with cutbacks and budget issues out of your control. Budgets are passed years in advance and money can disappear at any moment. So it is possible that the program details may be announced as mentioned in October. The delays are often out of the control of the supervisor as it is quite often an administrative and budget issue of the college and/or university.

Since everything you have written about in detail about your relationship with the supervisor sounds positive so I believe that there was a serious suggestion to apply for the position in October when the position is listed. This time frame will allow you to organize your resume/CV along with a portfolio if necessary along with recommendations that you can produce when you apply for the position. Since you enjoy the work with the employees as well as getting along with the supervisor, I would not see why you would not be considered for the position.

Think positive and if necessary, return to your home country with the feeling that you will be returning soon for an interview and possible acceptance of the position you worked hard for.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

this professor won't be in charge of the other projects, he will be a mentor of some of the projects. Even though he is serious, he may not be able to help me to get a position?

Depending on his situation within the department he is working in, he may though have some influence on hiring within this organization. Since he will be a mentor on various projects, it would be to your advantage to keep in contact with him if you do plan to leave for any amount of time. Staying in contact via email or even a phone call every now and then will help in remembering you for the position that is coming up soon.

Sounds like from what you have said that he is serious about the position so he must have a good feeling about your chances.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for your reply, Michael. The reason why i was invited here is that he wanted to see my qualifications and personal skills, I guess. Within three weeks, he may have seen it and approached this final decision that we are going to talk on monday.



my last question is that, as I am back to my home country far from here, the chance of getting in touch will be smaller with time running. The position announcement will be opened on Oct or Nov. I was asked to have a last conversation with him on next monday (last day), what is the best thing that i can do on monday's conversation (except to say 'it was a very nice experience and I wish to be able to work together/you be my mentor in the future)?


May I ask him AGAIN "in case I can't obtain a position, can i ask him to invite me to do more exercises in his lab (= I am still in his lab and get back here)." We TALKED about this before, his answer is :"of course that you can, but i don't have money to pay you, I think that you should apply for this oct. position. " So would that be annoying if I ask him again about this?



Good that you will get a chance to speak to him next Monday in what I would think is a closed door meeting.Go into the meeting relaxed as well as research ahead of time what you wish to talk about. Explain your feelings on working in the department and how much you learned under his guidance and how much you added to the department. Remind him about the work you did in the department as well as what you feel you can add when you plan to return soon.

I do not see anything wrong in asking again for work in the future in the lab. This shows your interest in working with him and the department.

Offer him your contact information to reach you via email and/or phone. Ask the same from him in order to reach him when you will hear about this wonderful job opportunity.

Spend the time away from the lab work on your professional resume/CV as well as putting together a list of names for recommendations.

Think positive and keep contacts open as I feel you are in their plans for future work.
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