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I have been lay off for a month now.

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I have been lay off for a month now. I currently had an unexpected interview this Thursday, for a application and resume that I submitted Wednesday online. My question is I was called by an employer, who did not say she was interviewing me. My 2 year was making noise, and she asked me did I wanted her to call me back., I told her no, I got her (my daughter) . I put the baby in her crib and closed the door behind so I can continue to talk to her. The job position is at Case Manager for Depelchin Children center which is a non-profit agency in regards XXXXX XXXXX kids and adoption. I think I did okay, I discuss my past of an old job dealing at risk-kids and being mental health specialist once I graduate from college. She also asked me about my current job which I started off as a Case manager and was later promoted to Family Prevention Specialist which I would teach character education to elementary about substance abuse prevention. I guess I am nervous about interviews and how do I address would I have tied this in to get me the job, I not sure if she will call me back or not. She asked when can I start and I explain that I need a weak to get my daughter situated in day care first, and she explained she need to talk to a supervisor first. I have been working 7 years prior, to this lay off so calling and interviewing on the spot was a shock. Does this happen all the time, and how I make my interviews better in the future?


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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I never got a answer yet.Please help

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No one has let me how can I have better interview skills. and if this was an sudden interview that this company has call me about. What to do?


Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX continue to look for a professional to assist you. Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance while you wait.



It sounds first by reading what you have written about in your experience is that you performed as well as one could do in a short notice interview. By dealing with your child at first to answering questions asked, it seems that you dealt with the situation as professionally as possible over the phone.

Usually, interviews are set up ahead of time by the employer who will ask what time is good to talk. Sometimes though the interviewer will receive your resume and then call to talk about the job situation they are trying to fill. In the future, be prepared that an employer may call without notice so find a quiet spot at your home so that you can take enough time to answer each question to the best of your ability. Feel free to ask the interviewer if you can call back at a better time as this will show you have interest in the position and want to take the time to answer everything being asked in a professional matter.

As for tips for better interview skills:

1. Make the phone interview as important as sitting face to face with the employer. Have your resume in front of you as well as a quiet space with a good quality phone. Research the company, study the job description, and practice your responses to anticipated questions. This can be done by creating a "cheat sheet". Have a pad of paper in front of you with two sides broken into what the employer is asking and on the other side your answer to the question. By taking notes during the interview, you can bring up what the employer wants and offer a clear response to each question. Also write up ahead of the interview information you researched on the company besides questions you may have for the interviewer as well as salary requirements.

2. Be prepared to give organized as well as rehearsed examples of how you have performed at jobs in the past in order to show your skill set. Prepare some stock answers such as why you have left your current job to what you can offer this new company. Your answers should always be on message as speaking to your important points you want to make about yourself.

I would also recommend checking with your local public library to see if they have this book in their collection. Quite helpful and can give you great assistance with future interviews:
Michael, Employment Services
Category: Job
Satisfied Customers: 3050
Experience: Employment Services Professional
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