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I am working as a cashier in a supermarket for more than a

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I am working as a cashier in a supermarket for more than a month now. Initially they have been giving me 20+ hours work. This week they gave me 13 hours work. Do I need to be worried? Should I ask my boss why they did lower my work hours?
I would not start to worry at this moment as there are many factors for the reason you have been given fewer hours to work.

Some reasons can be:

1. Cashier positions in a supermarket as I am sure you know are some of the better paid positions. Many have had these jobs for years and have gained seniority so it is possible that other cashiers you work with have asked for additional hours and bumping the newer employees. Holidays are coming up so additional money is always needed.

2. Supermarkets are having some difficulty in this recovering economy so understanding what is happening with your company and how it is doing in terms of profits, hiring etc. Cutbacks are often done without letting employees go so less hours are a possibility.

3. Some simple things like the market is not expecting to be as busy these next few weeks so less hours are needed by staff. More hours I am sure are possible as things pick up.

If you seem to have a good working relationship with your supervisor, go ahead and professionally sit down and talk about your concerns. If your job has a union, then of course start with them first and see what recommendations they may offer.
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