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What does it take to get into a top tier technology consulting

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What does it take to get into a top tier technology consulting firm? What are the positives of doing so and what are the negatives?

While the economy today is still in recovery mode, hiring from consulting firms continues to proceed as contracts are continued to be signed.

I spent over 20 + years working for one of the top IT consulting firms in the world. Working for such a company varies with each firm as the atmosphere in each is different. Some like the one I worked for had a corporate feel but was relaxed in letting you do your work without interuption. Others are more hands on with their employees. Some are looking for graduates from top schools while others are not as specific. Some use recruiters while others not so much. Firms overall vary.

In terms of atmosphere for each firm, try looking at sites such as

I think in order to think about working for such a firm, review some of the information I have researched on your topic.

Book you may wish to review:

Quick overview of working for three big firms:

Changes in the thinking of hiring within firms:
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

These resources seem to be more about management consultants do you have any resources geared more towards technology consultants?

While what I sent are companies that are listed as management consulting companies, they are also considered IT leaders as well. The companies mentioned in these resources are competitors of my former IT employer. The resources should be helpful in gaining an understanding of how the consulting industry works overall.

As for IT resources:

Consulting magazine is one of the better publications that talks about the industry overall with the major IT players:

The top publication in IT consulting has an interesting article on consultants and what to expect when hired:


I would also suggest that reading the various websites from the major players listed in Consulting Magazine and see what type of employee that are looking to hire.

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