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I work in a customer-service oriented company. I love what

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I work in a customer-service oriented company. I love what I am doing, my commute is short, and I enjoy working with others. My only problem is, I have a horrible boss! How can I convince myself that I need to accept the fact that I work with a horrible boss and I need to "suck it up"? I have talked to him about his management style; he is too micro-managing his folks, he is very condescending towards his folks, etc. He changed for only a week and then he is back to his old self. I want to retire in 8-9 years. I don't want to quit. How should I change my attitude towards him so I can be happy at work?
So difficult I am sure to deal with a micro managing supervisor. Also one that is condensed toward his employees. And you have a job you like and want to retire from!

So much has been written on this very topic so know that you are not alone. Here are some key suggestions I can offer:

1. You are frustrated so have a action plan in place. This plan is to anticipate the bosses behavior when he
will act up. If a meeting goes well, say thank you or nice meeting boss. If a bad meeting, then have a plan in action to deal with the boss by staying confident and poised. Do not back down as the boss it seems may back down from positive feedback from you.

2. Anticipate and prepare how to answer your boss in certain situations. Know ahead of time how to deal with attitudes of the boss. Have a comeback ready that is both professional , straightforward and confident.

3. Be persinstant with this plan of action and yourself as co-workers may join you as well.
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