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What is a good job out there I can get that pays more than

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What is a good job out there I can get that pays more than 20 an hour. That does not require any experience. I would like to work with computers or in an office to be honest. I was a welder for 8 years and worked outside in the heat, and in the winter. Flashburn, torch burns, etc just getting sick of it. I have no idea where to go from here.
While what you have done for 8 years is something to be proud of, career change from what you were doing I am sure interests you.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics came out with their top 40 jobs that are growing as well as pay a nice salary. Some of these career positions can be located in an office or even outside.

You can review the list here:

When you are ready to proceed with a particular job, remember to have some things in mind beforehand:

1. Have a resume that promotes your strengths. Highlight your education along with any past work experience such as the 8 years you put in for welding work. Mention skills you've acquired as well as managing co-workers or just how you were a team player working with others.

2. Reach out to your friends and relatives and ask if they know of jobs that you could apply for where they work. Get letters of recommendation and include copies of these letters with resumes you send out.

3. Be open to entry-level positions and also look at possible work with agencies that can get you started. Many pay well and can then turn into full-time work.

I would also recommend looking at a very popular book that helps when someone is interested in changing their career. It can be found at your local public library and is worth the time to read as it can be helpful in guiding you toward your next career.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I appreciate your help very much. I do not have a Resume. I am assuming that I should create one though. What does a Resume consist of ? How should I make it and should I save it to my computer? Is there a format for this?

A resume is a written combination of skills and qualities you can offer an employer. A standard resume should be not longer than a page as more than that will make the employer loose interest fast.

A standard resume will consist of your name, home address as well as a email contact. The email should be a professional one and not the same as you would use to contact friends etc. You can always create one using your name for example ([email protected])

The body of the resume will have your career history over the past 10-15 years or so. Also any awards as well as education is listed.

The format today to send a resume is done electronically so having one saved on your computer is necessary as employers wish to receive one by logging on to their website and submitting it to them.

Recommendations on getting started:

1. Visit your local public library to see if they have a database that helps people create a resume. Many libraries offer this and the database walks you with every step necessary to create your own.

2. There are quite a number of websites that offer help and tips on creating a resume. I like to recommend the dummies series as it helps to make things easier to understand. Also the book series has a great copy on creating a resume that you can locate at the public library:

Also if your computer has Microsoft Word, there are templates for you to use:

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