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I am so nervous and do not know what think. I would like some

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I am so nervous and do not know what think. I would like some advice from someone in a management role or an interviewer. I had an interview yesterday. I want to say 100% of my answers to her questions she liked and 80% she said "good answer." She said , "you are exactly what we are looking for based on you experience." She gave me her business card, but I lost it. I found an email for her and emailed a thank you letter, not sure if I had the right address. I reached out to my recruiter who resent the letter to her, so I know she will receive it. Please give me your thoughts (put yourself in the interviewer's shoes). Be brutally honest and tell me did I get the job. Thank you
First of all please know that from everything you have said that it sounds like you performed the best of your abilities in the interview. You can feel that all the answers you gave to the questions asked were thought out and from my experience with interviewing candidates that the interviewer was satisfied with your responses.

While there are no ways to know how the interviewer is thinking or if other candidates are in the running for this position, continue to feel that you performed to the best of your abilities. Only if the position is not offered to you that you can then review what was said to the interviewer and see if any improvement needs to be corrected. From though what you have pointed out above, the interviewer was satisfied with your responses.

One recommendation I may offer is that although you have already sent an email as a thank you to the interviewer, follow-up with a hand written note in a week or so if you have not heard back. Comment in the letter how interested you are in the position and that you hope to be considered for the position. The process of letter writing is lost among many people who are interviewed and will give you an edge over possible other candidates.

Think positive and know you did your best and I am sure you are the candidate for the position.
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