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I am only a quarter into my college study in Interior Design

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I am only a quarter into my college study in Interior Design and wish to obtain a job in the architectural/design industry after I graduate, particularly within a design firm working on projects. I believe related work experience matters, so I want to be prepared.

I currently have a business diploma, and previous work experience in customer service and food industries (entry level) under my belt.

My professional work experience isn't very developed, and while I am looking for a job that can support myself through school, I am not really confident in what to look for. What should I do in terms of finding a particular job today that will support my future goals in the design industry? What will help me to become a more attractive candidate for my dream job?
Wonderful that you are studying in such a creative field as interior design.

As you can see here by the report put together by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the industry overall is expected to grow by 19 percent from 2010 to 2020, about as fast as the average for all occupations.

While your resume overall will show that you have retail experience, I understand that you want to incorporate development in positions that can show to an expected employer work done outside the classroom.

One of the things I would recommend is searching for internships with interior design firms in your area that can offer you the experience of working day to day with projects for clients. You can gain experience say with about three or four different companies and this way you will experience different work environments. There are many sites that offer these type of internships and I have gone ahead and researched various services for you to follow up with:

1. offers listings for 2013 in interior design:

2. Look at career jobs sites such as Indeed and Simply Hired under the heading "Interior Design Internship". You can then search by the city in which you are going to school.

3. Check with the professional associations within interior design and investigate what they may offer to students in this field in terms of internships:

4. Also talk with your interior design department within your college about possible internships they may have with local businesses.

As for additional ways to have additional career development listings on your resume:

1. Check with charity fundraising groups for programs they are putting together. Quite often there are needs to create, plan and assemble the party design.

2. Learning to use software is important so see if there is a need within local companies for a drafting intern.

3. Also interning for a retail company in their showroom working with furniture, lighting, flooring, fabrics, hardware etc.

Sounds like you are on the right track and before long should be working for the ideal job you have worked hard for.

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