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Hi I need serious help. I have been looking for a job from

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I need serious help. I have been looking for a job from the past 4 months and haven't had any luck so far. I am specifically looking for a financial analyst position mainly because I thought this would match with my experience that I have but looks like I might be wrong. Given below are the details about my education and experience that I have . SO here are some questions that I need help with .

1. Please tell me the specific job positions that I can apply for based on my experience . I am not looking for retail or commission jobs . I am looking more for a finance jobs since I just completed my mba in finance
2. Please suggest specific job websites that have higher possibility of landing an interview. I have already been looking on monster, career builder, indeed, glass door, simply hired.
3. please suggest recruiter websites that are good. Recruiters in Houston, tx. Its been really difficult to find a right recruiting agency .

4. I really need some pointers that will help me in landing a finance job .

Given below are my details

MBA: Concentration in Finance
FINRA (NASD): Series 6, 63; Texas Department of Insurance: Life Agent


Microsoft Office (Advance Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook) | Microsoft Access | Microsoft Windows 7, XP, 2000, vista, 98, 97|Lotus 1-2-3 |Linux |SAP |SQL| Hyperion Pillar and OLAP (Budgeting & Analysis| CRM| Microsoft Outlook

• Educate and sell financial products and services to consumers and small business customers including Life Insurance, IRA’s, Mutual Funds, 529 plans, handling loan applications, and responding to customer service requests.
• Perform trade transactions - deposits, liquidation, transfers by using Electronic Client Solutions (ECS). Examine checks for endorsement, negotiability, and fraud.
• Effectively develop and mine centers of influence to expand the customer; for example, cultivated a consumer customer into a business account delivering $2.5M in new revenue.
• Leverage in depth knowledge of financial products and account management to assist the bank in meeting its goals.
• Coach and mentor staff to identify sales opportunities among current and potential customers.
• Work with other partners to improve effectiveness with customers and prospects.
• Work across functional areas to capture additional sales opportunities and full revenue potential of prospects.
• Identify product opportunities among business owners and refer them to other specialists for development.
• Identify larger business opportunities and refer more complex customers to the Relationship Manager Channel primarily for Credits of $250M+.
• Perform comprehensive financial needs analysis and made sound recommendations on appropriate investment products that meet the client specifications.
• Deepen and retain relationships with new and existing customers to ensure cross-sell of deposits, credit, convenience, and personal products.
• Actively manage all personal and business accounts to identify and capture the full opportunity.
• Drive Branch P&L growth by working the existing book of business customers to ensure business and personal cross-sell, capture of entire relationship, and improve customer retention, to increase branch deposit base and revenue growth.
• Managed day-to-day operations of $5M business including sales, merchandising, customer relations, inventory and inventory retail values, security, human resources, and training.
• Managed store finances including P&L, forecasted sales, conducted audits, processed payroll, managed cash, balanced drawers, and prepared bank deposits and reconciliations.
• Managed financial resources of stores with direct accountability for P&L, budget, and costs.
• Verified deposits and held accountable for receipts.
• Analyzed financial reports to identify opportunities for change to deliver budgetary and corporate goals.
• Assembled and led internal auditing teams to identify and correct cash and record discrepancies.
• Forecasted sales, adjusted operating budget, and established product margins required to deliver profit targets.
• Drove profitability and heightened productivity, efficiency, and quality of operations via staffing, training, customer service, inventory, and cost-saving initiatives.

• Directed diverse financial aspects of a $5M–$7M retail store which involved merchandising and promotional activities, customer service, inventory management, P&L, budgeting and cash administration, reconciliation, and deposits including store safety and security maintenance. Recruited, hired, trained and supervised 55 full and part-time sales associates/managers while ensuring compliance with company policies.

Thanks for all your help
While the economy is picking up month by month, it is still a competitive job market in many fields, finance being one of them. By reviewing your education achievements as well as your career background, finding a career using your MBA is within reach but one also needs to be patient as the economy is still in recovery mode.

For your first question concerning what specific job positions you can apply for with your MBA in finance:

1. Financial Advisor
Referred to as stockbrokers, brokers, account executives or registered representatives. The Bureau of Labor Statistics median annual salary for financial advisors is listed around $64,750 with a 50 hour work week.

2. Financial Analyst
Recommending individual investments or portfolios, evaluating data, keeping up with economic trends, studying financial statements, meeting with company officials to get a better idea of the company's needs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics median annual salary is listed around $74,350

3. Financial Planner
Helping clients create personal budgets, control expenses, and set their financial goals.This may include building working relationships with financial advisors, investment managers and/or mutual funds. The Bureau of Labor Statistics median annual salary is listed between $33,000 and $99,000 with a 40+ hour work week.

4. Financial Officer
Often a MBA is needed in this position, financial officers handle operations for banks, credit unions and finance companies. The Bureau of Labor Statistics median annual salary is around $103,000

5. Other ideas from US News & World Report:

As for your second question, the sites you have listed are some of the better search engines for careers today:

1. Duke University lists specific links for finance positions:

2. The following list provides some lesser known alternatives that can be every bit as valuable resources for landing a position within finance:

Making sure you have a complete and up to date profile on sites such as Linkedin as it is important as many recruiters review this career site to fill positions for their clients.

As for your third question, there are many recruiting firms in the Houston area so conducting an interview with some of these firms can help you feel if any of them can be successful in getting you the job you wish. You would need to interview with a couple of firms to find that right fit.

An idea also would be to contact professional associations such as the American Association of Finance and Accounting. They work with recruiting firms that can be successful in helping you feel comfortable with the recruiting process:

You might also wish to review the Houston Business Journal as they have in their annual "Book of Lists" the top recruiting firms for the year:

Finally, let me offer some suggestions I researched tonight on tips to find that right finance position:

From Fox Business News:

Assistance advise from The Globe & Mail:

Think positive and continue to use all the services above to help you find the right job for you. Job searching is almost a regular full-time job so do not feel down since you have been looking for only 4 months. The typical waiting time for finding a job is around seven months.


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