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My 26 year old son is having difficulty getting a job. He just

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My 26 year old son is having difficulty getting a job. He just graduated from college with a BA in communications. There was an incident in 2012 when he was given 4 misdemeanors related to intoxication. He is having great difficulty now getting a job. What state or federal agencies can help someone like him get a job? He lives in Ashland, Oregon and works part time at the front desk of a motel there. He is quite personable and has learned from his mistakes.
It sounds as your son has a good work ethic holding down a job at the local motel and has learned from his mistake in 2012.

Having the degree in communications is a plus as that field can be applied in many career choices:

I would also agree with the lawyer and his recommendations about being honest when filling out job applications and being interviewed as well as bringing along recommendations from those that can attest to his good character and work ethic.

As for state and federal agencies within the state of Oregon, here are some that I researched this morning that he can follow up with and see if their services can assist him in career development:

1. Worksource Oregon offers many programs as well as information on assistance with career development:

2. Ashland offers assistance called their job council:


I would also recommend that your son contact the college he received his BA in communications with as they will offer for alumni career development assistance for those that graduated.

Since it could be that your son may also not be sure what career he may wish to look at, a book that I often recommend that all librarians feel that is one of the best resources to decide where to go in terms of careers. The book is called "What Color is your Parachute" and can be found at your local public library:
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