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hrguru206, HR Professional
Category: Job
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Experience:  BSBA from UCF, PHR Certified, Member of SHRM
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Are there any reputable online jobs to work from home? Ive

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Are there any reputable online jobs to work from home? I've just been scammed by one that's not. I'm disabled and need an income. I'm capable of data entry and many other transcription abilities. I have an Insurance background life/health, so how do I find these type positions?
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
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Hello, please find below some
ideas I have gathered for ways to earn income working from home.

There are some standard work at
home jobs like selling products or services (jewelry, kitchen goods, Tupperware
etc.. ) as well some company's brick and mortar companies or internet companies
allow you to work at home for various positions. Here are some additional ideas.....

Virtual Assistant

Provide general assistance-administrative,
scheduling, bookkeeping, even event planning-from your home office.

You will need a phone and computer

Expect to earn: About $10 per hour at a staffing agency; up to $30 per hour if you
work directly with clients

Places to find this kind of work check out,
which lists companies that hire assistants, or sign on with an online staffing
agency, like Team
or VIPdesk, to
get contract jobs.

Online Reseller

Earn large amounts of money by reaching out to people
that want to get rid of stuff:

Sellers determine the price by the market and the value
of items they sell. Some charge a flat per-item fee (often $5 to $25), or take
a percentage (20 percent to 40 percent) of total sales. Depending on the volume
of your business, reselling on eBay and other sites could become a lucrative
full-time job.

Possible locations to do this is Ebay or Craigslist

Call-Center Employee

Customers used to call a company to complain or order a
product, and they'd reach the main office. Now virtual call centers route
incoming calls to a home agent's phone; agents receive a script on how to
answer possible questions so they can respond to routine customer-service
inquries or sell products.

Will need a phone and possibly a computer

Typically pays $7 to $15 per hour, with some jobs offering incentives for high

You can apply at company website-such as, or
offers extensive training.

Document Translator

If you are bilingual: The ability to read, write and
fluently speak more than one language. You can find plenty of work in Spanish,
French and Chinese, but the more obscure the language, the higher the demand.

Can earn$10 to $50 per hour

Visit this website to apply: for a
wide offering of gigs and an idea of what each job entails. A more direct route
for go-getters: Contact the human resources department of a foreign company's
U.S. office to ask about opportunities.

Data-Entry Worker

Must have phone and good typing skills

Typically pays: $6 to $20 per hour

You can check out this website which often posts data entry jobs. Work
at Home Jobs page at
. Also
search Craigslist and Google (type in "online data input jobs"), and
cold-call companies

Answering-Service Employee

Pays you to be and answering service for places
like a doctor's office.

Typically need to be available on the 3rd shift or at least after

Can earn: $8 to $14 per hour

Look for listings on these job boards:, and

Interview Transcriber

Journalists and nonfiction writers conduct thousands of
hours of interviews, and some have no time to transcribe them. But thanks to
the Internet, it's simple to e-mail a digital file of an audio interview. You
just need to listen well, type it up and send it back.

Need to be a good typer

Can earn: From $5 to $40 per hour

Check out these websites to look for openings. Look for regular work with a
transcription service such as the ones at and, or
branch out on your own by contacting local newspapers, magazines and TV news
stations. One enterprising way to find nonfiction writers is to check book
publishers' author websites (there are hundreds at On
the author's site, look for an e-mail link or mailing address.

Content Writer

Write articles for websites

Helps If you have good writing skills and a particular
area of expertise.

There is a vast range of pay for writing Web content, from nothing up to
hundreds of dollars per assignment. The median pay for a full-time content
writer is $35,200. You can earn as much as $66,000.

Check out these websites for opportunities: Check listings at or
register with the Yahoo Contributor Network (,
which pays for assigned content; the more traffic a post gets, the more money
the writer earns. If you think you're a fit for a specific company, e-mail a
sample post and offer your services

Post Loop: This site allows writers to get paid
for posting on blogs and forums

Cha Cha: Pays you to answer text questions:

hrguru206, HR Professional
Category: Job
Satisfied Customers: 954
Experience: BSBA from UCF, PHR Certified, Member of SHRM
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