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hrguru206, HR Professional
Category: Job
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Experience:  BSBA from UCF, PHR Certified, Member of SHRM
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I need a 30 60 90 day plan template for a sales manager

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I need to write a 30 60 90 day plan. I am aiming for a regional sales manager position. do you have a template to guide me

Hello, yes I have a couple that I have worked on in the past. I can post a link in about a half an hour. You are more than welcome to use what you would like and make it your own. Once complete I am also happy to provide some feedback and suggestions.

JACUSTOMER-9e2h4d32- :
ok. That would be great. This is what i have so far:

JACUSTOMER-9e2h4d32- :
30 days
Team- set up scheduled conference calls weekly, in person meetings, team building strategies
Understand Company Products, Processes and channel partners
Visit HQ to Job shadow other positions that you will be working with
Get introduced to key people
Review any open issues you have stepped into
Review current clients , prospective clients and lost clients
Develop a Sales Plan

60 Days
Start Compiling Results- who and what products are performing- The question here is how does this compare with the rest of the products in the organization
Ride Along with sales people coach and develop them
Begin providing upward feedback to marketing, biz dev
Begin to join appropriate network groups (consultants, non profit, charity groups)
Begin to do competitive analysis – drill down on market share
Refine the sales plan

90 Days
Execute Sales Plan and evaluate the team
See if there are any resources gaps on your team
Present to upper management and share across the organization best practices
Implement new process
Provide Feedback to appropriate parties – ex. Product management

i will be covering about 15 states - colorado to the ocean. 8 reps. I will be managing reps who sell btob not direct channel sales through distributor partnerships

hrguru206 :
This looks really good, I am going to post a couple of links. They are not specific to sales but they may offer some ideas as to general management, team building, performance management and motivating employees with an incentive program.

You have covered the foundations. How long have you been in sales and how much leadership experience do you have?

JACUSTOMER-9e2h4d32- :
15 yrs sales
5 yrs mgt
but...this recruiter is asking me to put together a 30-60-90
i looked online and there seems to be so many options
and yes...the meeting is on wednesday. This meeting will be in person with the vp of sales in LA
i was looking to put together some type of book to hand to him

hrguru206 :
This is just a template, I put it together to be used as a general model and provide ideas to customers....

There are a lot of options but I feel as those you have a good grasp and the experience to understand the important issues.

Some people get a bit carried away with a 30 60 90 plan and then they are not realistic about what can be accomplished in 90 days.

The first 90 days, is a time to learn about an organization, the job, the people that work under you. You want to understand what motivates them, what they like about their job and their current challenges.

In addition you need to learn what the last person that held your position did well and understand their shortcomings.

You will learn the priorities and the strategic direction of the company.

JACUSTOMER-9e2h4d32- :
The last person who had my position was with the company for 20 yrs and just retired. Apparently they are looking for a little more energy and grow in market share

hrguru206 :
That is key, you will need to provide some ideas about how you will grow the market share but do not give too much away, you need to tell them just enough so that they know they need you but not enough that they can take your ideas and leave you behind.

JACUSTOMER-9e2h4d32- :
what are the appropriate questions to ask during the interview.. i have my ideas, but i am interested in yours

hrguru206 :
It is important to understand what they really liked about the last person too

JACUSTOMER-9e2h4d32- :
btw... i am not concerned about grammar

hrguru206 :
ty, sometimes I type too fast :)

Is this a new company or one that you already work at?

JACUSTOMER-9e2h4d32- :
new company. i am currently employed and was not looking for a new position, but they seem persistent

hrguru206 :
some question I like are:
Ask about the strategic direction of the company, long and short term goals.
What they can offer you that your current company cannot, ie growth potential?
Ask if they support growth, do they pay for seminars, networking events etc and encourage participation
Motivating and retaining employees is important, will they provide a budget, even a small budget and allow you the flexibility to grow and encourage your staff?
Ask about benefits
Ask about company culture
Those are the questions I have off the top of my head that are important to me when interviewing a company

JACUSTOMER-9e2h4d32- :
Thank you. A different perspective is always valuable.

hrguru206 :
You are quite welcome. I understand, it can be nice to talk through the inteview procedure before hand and kind of "practice" your thoughts and questions. please come back after the interview and let me know how it went.

JACUSTOMER-9e2h4d32- :
Did you have any templates for a sales plan? Ours are buried in our company sales reports

hrguru206 :
I do not, but I can look around and see if I have any buried somewhere. I only like to provide my own work and not something found online.

JACUSTOMER-9e2h4d32- :
Are there any other templates that you may have that would be helpful?

hrguru206 :
I have some resume ideas but they are specific to someones experience and some cover letters. Most of the questions I receive are specific to the needs of the customer.

JACUSTOMER-9e2h4d32- :
thank you

hrguru206 :
It was nice working with you, feel free to come back any time and like I mentioned I would like to hear a follow up on you job prospect.
Take care

hrguru206 and other Job Specialists are ready to help you