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Job stress; name four (4) of them. List these four (4) conditions

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Job stress; name four (4) of them. List these four (4) conditions with at least one example of each. What do you suggest to help alleviate these conditions?

hrguru206 :

Types of work related Stress

  1. Overworked, typically the stress of this type of job is formed when a person works long hours in a high demanding work environment that is strictly controlled by others, it could be caused by being micromanaged by a boss or being in a position with little authority to make decisions and control anything in ones workday.


Example: People in certain financial decisions that must transfer data on strict deadlines with little or no of their own analysis.


To alleviate one should evaluate the company and their position and look for ways to input their own discretion and ideas possibly become involved in projects that would allow for creative decision making and input. If this is not possible another alternative is to speak with management about a reasonable amount of hours that will allow for a work life balance.


  1. Castaway, This type of stress occurs when an employee does not have good support systems and feels that they are alone to make decisions and figure out details. The employee may feel that they have no one in the organization that they can trust or speak with to discuss the frustrations that come along with work.

Example: This could occur with someone in an upper level position or in a position that requires a high level of confidence such as Human Resources where it would be in poor taste to discuss personnel issues with other employees.

This can be alleviated by reaching out and asking for help, if the work load is too much you may need to ask for specific assistance or come up with ways to relieve some of the burden and approach your boss with a solution and the required resources. It is also important to connect with other employees even if details of the work day cannot be provided it can be important to have people in the organization that make you laugh or discuss something light hearted and not work related to relieve stress.

  1. Tech Prisoner, in today’s world employees are connected 24/7 to smart phones, computers, tablets and email. Employees tend to communicate with their office during off times and even during vacation. Even employees that do not actively communicate are often still checking on the happenings in the office by checking voice mail and email. The time spend away from the office is important for employees to decompress and when they do not take an active approach to have this time they become stressed.


Example, in today’s world this could be almost anyone from an office manager to a high level executive, with the poor economy employment has been reduced and fewer employees are picking up more work leading employers to rely on the employees that are left.

In order to avoid this type of stress employees need to disconnect. They need to turn off the phone and computer and take time away from electronic devices and that connection to the work place.


  1. Frustrated go getter, This happens when an employee works hard, long hours , signing up for extra projects, going the extra mile and then someone else gets the newest promotion or they simply do not believe they are getting the recognition they deserve. The pent up frustration causes a significant amount of stress and can also lead to exhaustion.


Example: This often occurs to a new employee or someone fresh out of school where they believe that if they should move right up the corporate ladder and are frustrated when it does not happen as fast as they expect.


The solution to overcome this type of stress is to discuss career development and progression with one’s boss, if an employee knows that they are on track to receive a promotion and the expectations then they will not be disappointed by what they perceive. Open discussions can go a long way in overcoming this stress and in addition can also lead to goal fulfillment.



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