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Briefly indicate what attracts you to working with an organisation

Customer Question

Briefly indicate what attracts you to working with an organisation which focuses on housing and support options for older and disabled people.

i am applying for a job and unable to write a answer without it be long winded can you help i need help today I have to post off completed appliction form by 3.00pm today thank you

Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Job
Expert:  Bret replied 7 years ago.



I have over 25 years hiring and firing people, what you need to do on your application is be sincere. Do you have experience in this field, if so, mention what your positive experiences have been ("I want to be part of this organization because working with the elderly has given the opportunity to help others, which I love") - Mention from your heart your feelings for working with the elderly, mention the pride you take in helping older members of your own family & friends family.

Let this employer know that you want to be part of this because helping them is not just a job, but a lifestyle for you. To stand out, employers look for those who really want to fit in, for the long run. Make no mentions of pay or things like "I want the job so I can work during the day" - the person hiring you will be reading into your answers to see if you are looking for a career or a temporary paycheck, let them know that you want to belong.

Look at this from the opposite side, make them not only want to hire you, make them realize what a great asset you will be to them if you accept the offer they give you. When I hire, I give first consideration to those who I know really want to work in my field, and I disregard anyone who is just looking for a job until they find what they are really looking for.

Keep your response to less than 300 words and make sure to use spell check on the entire form.

Please let me know if you get the job!