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How to go to college if you have no money?

Customer Question

Im 18 and want to know how to go to college if I have no money? I know I can get loans, but I’m sketchy on having to pay them back years later. Right now I just lost my job and I’m tired of working for a low end job. I want to work in an office and have a full blown relationship with what I do, I know people always complain and say they spend too much time at work. I wanna be one of those people!!! I want to work 60 hrs a week even if I’m on salary.

I want to be the one who goes in and in 6 months changes the company for the good. and I’ve looked everywhere for people who would hire me. I send in my resume and its a damn good resume+cover letter. I’m really smart and mature and a great worker but no one will give me a chance and so I keep looking for people who will give me a foot in the door but there always scams. I just dont know what to do with my self I dont have the time nor money for school right now. I just want to start a career now!

Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Job
Expert:  Seanna replied 8 years ago.

Hello, Avalyn, and thank you for using JustAnswer!

It sounds like you are torn between starting work now and a desire to go to college. College is well worth it: you will earn an average of $600,000 more in your life with a Bachelor's degree if you follow that path. However, there are certainly jobs available if you wish to get to work immediately, and it is possible, though more difficult, to pursue school later if you want. I'll give you some information on both options:

There is actually one very inexpensive way to get an excellent college education. You should get a part time job and enroll in a community college. You can take one course for anywhere from $100 - $500 depending on what state you live in, so you could take a full time course load for $900-$4500 for an entire year of classes (3 semesters per year). If you do this you will have an Associate's degree in two years for approximately $3600-9,900 for the entire two years including tuition, fees, and textbooks. In addition, these community colleges even offer financial aid, so you may be able to get a grant or scholarship to cover part of your tuition that you would not need to repay at all. These are available for individuals based on race, culture, career choice, high school achievements, and many other reasons, so you would likely qualify if you did a little research through the college's financial aid department

Finally, I know you say you have a "damn good resume" but is that based on your opinion, or a professional's? If you would like to post your resume I will review it for you and offer some suggestions. At any rate, although you have no practical experience or education, you can still get a job, it's just a matter of improving your resume, learning how to interview and applying for appropriate jobs. The reality is there are lots of smart, mature, hard working individuals out there, and many are also looking for work, so you have a lot of competition. You'll need work experience before you can get the type of authority and freedom in a job that you are looking for, but you can certainly get started with a respectable job and work your way up. You may get more freedom if you go into sales, but only in the highest risk jobs where little pay is guaranteed, but rather is earned via commission.

So, in short, you do have viable options. It is up to you how you want to pursue them.