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What are the 3 main things you look for in a company

Customer Question

What are the 3 main things you look for in a company?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Job
Expert:  JOGANN replied 8 years ago.

The three main things I look for in a company are:

1. Stability of the Company: How long has it been in business? If it is publically traded, what does its last quarterly report look like -- what is its last annual report. What are its projections for the future? What are they saying in press releases? What is being written about them in the Press -- either the regular press or the trade press. I look for signals that it is planning for a robust future, that there are no discussions of reductions, downsizing, or closures in the areas for which I would be interviewing, and similar information that would clue me in to their long term stability.

2. Interesting Work. If the work is interesting to me, it can sometimes overcome some of the challenges I would find in the stability issue. Perhaps it would help me advance my career or broaden my base of experience. That might help me make a decision in its favor. Find out as much as you can about the position for which you are applying and its place in the company. Search "Linked-in" or other networking sites to see if there are others from the company listed and whether they are occupying or previously occupied the job you seek. Send them an inquiry and ask for feedback on the job. Be sure to ask specific questions about the position and organization.

3. A team-oriented, integrity-focused culture. Unless you're a lone wolf, you will want to find a company in which teamwork is important. To determine the culture - look at the company Web site, see if they list a company code of ethics. Read the code and see what it says about teamwork, integrity and expectations. Read the company's annual report for signals regarding teamwork. Finally, if you are able to find someone who is currently employed or formerly employed at the company, ask about the team atmosphere. Even if you choose to work in an environment where teamwork is not an overarching concern, your homework will pay off because you will have a better idea as to the culture of the company. Integrity is important in any company, so make sure you are satisfied with the company's stance on honesty and integrity.

Please note that these are the things I would look for. Other people might find other factors of great importance, such as whether a company promotes from within, whether they support educational and professional pursuits, the type of benefits packages the provide, or some other factor. The botXXXXX XXXXXne is that you will want to decide what is most important to you and research the company to determine how it will meet your own criteria.

I hope you find this answer helpful. If you do, please press "accept." As always, positive feedback is GREATLY appreciated.

Best regards,