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how to pass workplace attitude and behavior inventory tes

Resolved Question:

how to pass "workplace attitude and behavior inventory test"
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Job
Expert:  MJ replied 8 years ago.
HelloCustomer and thank you for your question.

A "WABI" test isn't a pass/fail test - it's a general assessment of your attitudes and preferences regarding things like: teamwork; dealing with stress and emotions and disagreements in a work place; work-related safety issues; etc.

You can't really prepare ahead of time for these tests, because there are many different versions - sometimes specific to the field you're in - and even when companies use a standardized test provided by a third-party testing developer, there is usually a large question pool from which your test questions will be pulled. In other words there's no "cheat sheet" out there to memorize or anything like that.
Plus, the tests are subjective - there are really no right or wrong answers, and the answers that your company feels are acceptable or ideal are not necessarily the same answers that another company might prefer.

But don't worry: you really just need to answer the questions accurately. They're not pass-fail questions - they're just a way for the company to learn about you.
In general you should choose your answers honestly and don't try too much to choose the answers that you think they "want to hear" - because these tests tend to be somewhat repetitive and ask variations of the same questions several times with slightly different wording or scenarios. So, if you don't answer consistently then your test can end up being flagged for inconsistency (in other words trying to over-think or "beat the test" can end up getting you pegged as flaky or possibly less than honest.)

But, that being said, a lot of the questions on these tests have some fairly obvious answers that you should NOT pick. For example, you should know that it's never acceptable to have a temper tantrum at work. And it's not a good idea to answer that you think it's ever ok to skip safety protocols, or to drive recklessly in order to save time, or to falsify records for the sake of a friend or coworker. And you probably don't want to admit to being the type of person who tends to hold a grudge. And unless you're applying for a job where you'd be alone all the time and expected to work completely independently, you don't want to show a strong dislike of teamwork or group projects.

In other words: there's some amount of common sense that you can apply to these tests - but try to be consistent about it.

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