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Ed Johnson
Ed Johnson, Human Resources Consultant
Category: Job
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Experience:  GPHR Cert from SHRM; Military provided 20 yrs exp managing & directing all HR areas + 7 yrs corp
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Problem solving and initiative 1)please give an example of

Resolved Question:

Problem solving and initiative: 1)please give an example of a time you used your initiative to solve a problem.
2)what did you take into account when considering a solution?
3)who else did you consult?
4) what was the outcome?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Job
Expert:  Ed Johnson replied 8 years ago.

Dear Sri,


Of course you need to use your own experiences. If this is a home work assignment, you can use my words to guide you in developing your own.


1) We were once faced with the problem of how to save money in delivering health care to the military troops training on Ft. Dix, NJ. Through my initiative and creative thinking, I was able to lead the way to reducing lost manpower and saving costs in delivering health care to more than 1250 troops.


2) In solving this problem, I had to consider many factors including:

  • how many people it took to deliver minimum services
  • how many troops a core health care team could handle in a period of time
  • how long it took for each patient to be seen
  • how much it cost to transport patients to the clinic
  • how much time was lost in patients going on sick call and getting delivered to the field (lost training time) or lost productivity.
  • location
  • employee relations and morale
  • access

3) I consulted with all stake holders and selected subject matter experts such as:

  • Commanders of health care facility (stake holder)
  • Commanders of soldiers (stake holder)
  • Soldiers (stake holder)
  • health care teams (stake holders)
  • Transportation officer (subject matter expert)
  • Logistics (cost accounting expert)
  • Facility engineers (experts on allocation of space)

NOTE: Commanders are equivalent to CEO's, and VP's and Presidents of small corporations, or departments and business unites. Logistics and transportation officers would be equivalent to marketing, transportation, and logistics, finance and accounting.


4) the outcome: We were able to close one medical clinic saving more than 1.2 million in annual operating costs; and reduced lost training and non-productive time by more than 50%. Graduation failures for training troops declined from 13 to less than 2 percent.

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