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should i reapply to a job if i failed their drug test (pot) ...

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should i reapply to a job if i failed their drug test (pot) over 6 years ago?

Hello, diamondgirl, and welcome to Just Answer.

I think you should reapply. Especially after more than 6 years, you really have nothing to lose by applying. First, the fact that you failed a drug test is most likely NOT in the company records; this will depend on the size of the company and their policy regarding archiving pre-employment paperwork and/or drug test results. Second, because it was so long ago, even if the test results are still on file, hiring managers usually take into account that most people are not who they were, so to speak, after 6 years. Also, depending on your age, your drug test failure might be attributed to the foolishness of youth. Third, although pot is indeed considered an illegal drug, it is not generally felt to be in the same category as more addicting, major or "heavier" drugs. This is a positive factor in itself.

The one question you might ask yourself regarding reapplying is, "What have I got to lose?" The answer is that you have NOTHING to lose and everything to gain if you get the job!

I hope this helps, but please let me know if you have more questions about this.

Thank you for trusting Just Answer with your question, and good luck with getting the job!

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
on their application (neiman Marcus)it will ask if I have ever applied with the company before... should I say no and hope they dont have my failure on record, or say yes and try to explain? This is my main concern. Thank you sooo much for your help! this is my dream job and I just dont know what to do!

Thank you for the additional information.

This is a difficult decision to make. If you don't disclose what happened previously, if it is on record and discovered, you will most likely not get the job. There is no way to know if it's on file or not.

However, if it isn't in the records, and you disclose it, you may or may NOT get the job. It will depend on company policy and also on the hiring manager.

Personally, I would opt for disclosing that I had applied in the past. They might not ask anything further, but if they do check the records they will know you were honest. Whether or not you should explain the entire situation is also something you need to decide.

If you only say you applied, and don't say anything about the drug test, you risk them discovering it and thinking you were not honest. If you DO tell all, depending on the decision maker, they may be willing to accept your explanation or NOT.

So, what do you do? You could simply say that, yes, you applied quite a few years ago, and there were issues regarding a drug test. However, I wouldn't let it go with that . . . this is when I would explain that you were young and foolish at that time, and you know they understand the mistakes people make at times. You could also go on to say that you were never heavily into drugs at all, and that you briefly "experimented" with marijuana (only if that is how it was, of course). Although there is some risk in doing this, I think it is your best option. Most companies, and people, value honesty.

I hope this helps a bit more, but please let me know if you have more questions or want to talk about this further.


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thank you so much honey! Im going to follow your advice and be honest. What do I have to loose right?

Thanks so much!!!

You're very welcome! I hope it all goes well and you get the job!

Good luck! :)

Thank you for the accept.