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Ed Johnson
Ed Johnson, Human Resources Consultant
Category: Job
Satisfied Customers: 10760
Experience:  GPHR Cert from SHRM; Military provided 20 yrs exp managing & directing all HR areas + 7 yrs corp
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Describe a work environment in which you are most ...

Customer Question

Describe a work environment in which you are most productive or happy
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Job
Expert:  Ed Johnson replied 9 years ago.

Dear Ronique,

Thank you for your question.

Here something about what they are looking for. BUT , you can not use my words and expect it to be beliveable. The truth leaks out, as they say. So use my words as a guide, but you have to look internally at yourself, and find out what makes you tick.

For example. do you work best with the radio playing in the background, or do you work best in quiet and solitude. Think back about how you did homework. That will be your clue.

I work best in a collegiate environment, where theres is lots of action. I multi task, so I need multple projects to work on at the same time. I excell when I am not micro=managed and have a general set of goals to achieve. I am happy when I have goals and obljectives that are challeging and chieveable. I am a self starter who likes to be a member of a team that is creative and dynamic. I like to have fun in the work place form time to time. I value the lunch breaks as a time to reflect on what has happened in the morning, and to recharge my batteries for the balance of the day.