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Where can I find some examples of achievement ...

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Where can I find some examples of "achievement" documenting and "behavioural event" question answer examples for use in the interview process? Many thanks, Caroline.

I want to make sure I understand your question. In terms of interviewing for a job, you want to know what an example of "achievement" would be and what type of "behavioral event" a person would have experience in. Is this correct? If so, can you tell me what type of job the interview would be for? I look forward to helping you.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Hi Jan, thank you for your quick response. I am looking for a repacement job in the field of Mortgage & General insurance Risk & Compliance in the financial sector. I am preparing for interviews and have read lots about how I need to document my achievements to show competencies and skills, I would like to see some examples to ensure I document mine as best I can as I struggle to break down the skills I have adequately. Also behavioural event interviews are used frequently and interviewees are asked to talk through scenarios which will demonstrate behaviours and charachteristics for analysis by the interviewer. I struggle to put into words what I have done and achieved, and would like some answer examples to this type of interview technique. Hope this helps, kindest regards, Caroline.
Hello Caroline,

OK, that's good to know and I believe I can get you some decent resources. You are correct in the types of interviews that are conducted these days with respect to behaviors/scenarios/psychological types of questions. Kudos to you for doing your "homework" before the interview process. You won't regret doing some mock interviews in your mind in order to be prepared. I'll be getting back to you today with some information. Can you tell me what the position you want to interview for is described as in your field? Is it an analyst or a researcher or agent? If you can narrow it down a bit, that will be helpful in getting you some example interview questions.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Hi Jan, the position I have at present is a Mortgage Risk & Compliance officer. This role involves me over seeing a team of advisors who conduct mortgage interviews, as the mortgage and general insurance industries are both regulated bt the FSA (Financial services authority) and I have to ensure my team are compliant within the FSA rules and meet the criteria set out by the bank under its T&C rules (Training & Competency rules). I observe them with live customers, instruct them on system and proceedual changes,I delievr their 1:1 performance reviews and am responsible for any coaching / training needs they have. Hope this what what you needed? Many, many thanks Jan, regards Caroline.
Hello again,

Yes! That's exactly the information I needed. I also assume that any job you would be interviewing for would be similar to the one you currently have. OK, I'll get to work now!

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Yes, presumably it will be a similar job, although the area of mortgage risk & compliance is very narrow - I may have to look at wider risk & compliance roles. I will have to hope in that scenario that a potential employer may be willing to allow me the time to develop extra skills to add to that I have so far.I have kept up to date within the mortgage industry - the recognised certficate being the CeMap (certificate in Mortgage applications and principles)I have this month completed the advanced CeMap certificate which I hope will show an employer that even if I do not have the exact skills I can learn them. Thanks Jan.
Hello Caroline,

I know there is a 6 hour or so time difference in the UK from the East Coast in the U.S. so I hope it's not too late to be sending this. Can you tell me if you have MS Word on your computer? If so, I'd like to send you a word document with the information instead of pasting a huge amount of information onto this small space. If you don't, that's ok, I can cut and paste it here. I just thought it might be easier for you to retrieve and save a Word document. Let me know and we can take it from there.

Good morning, due to the time difference, you will get this when I'm offline and I wanted you to get the information ASAP, I'm going to cut and paste it here and if you want, please send me a note as to whether you 'd like me to send it to you as a Word document so you can have it as a more permanent reference.

After looking at the roles and responsibilities you mentioned to me, I have provided you with some resources.

To document and describe your achievements, you’ll want to review this list of “buzz” words and think of those things that you have done throughout the years that would apply. For example, an achievement could be something like “developed procedures for the company that streamlined the process of reviewing customer documents and increased productivity by 25%” or “reviewed the office budget to determine how monies could be reallocated to human resources to enable the hire of one additional employee. This reallocation enabled the company to take on 10% more customers without increasing the budget.” Here is a list of good buzz words (and don’t forget to use the ones you’ve already mentioned to me: oversaw, supervised, ensured compliance with, observed, instructed, performed, conducted, coached, trained):

I also suggest that you go through job search sites (I’ve included some links below) and look at the requirements for the kinds of job you want. Based on the requirements that are provided, see how they parallel or are similar to what you have done already and write the description down so you can review it and use it as a current skill or accomplishment.

Resume info that you might want to include as part of your resume

“skills and responsibilities” section:

This excerpt is from a job ad on for Deloitte and could be used as a guide to figure out what your “achievements” are.

You will be working in a specialist Insurance team working alongside strong practitioners who will be able to develop your technical skills and your market knowledge. You will gain great exposure to senior management and client stakeholders which will enable you to build a great profile and develop a strong career. You would help manage a variety of regulatory projects within the followings types of organisations:
- Insurance brokers;
- Insurance companies including secondary intermediaries
Our services include:
- FSA application assistance;
- Regulatory Health checks;
- Regulatory investigations;
- Design of manuals,
structures, systems, monitoring plans;
- Compliance monitoring; and
- FSA Handbook interpretation and guidance.
To be successful in this role, you will have the following skills and qualities:
Financial Services experience, either within a professional consultancy; the compliance department of one of the following financial institutions:
- Life Insurance;
- General Insurance;
- Mortgage broking or
- Investment/Asset Management
Technical knowledge or involvement in at least one of the following areas a significant advantage:

Compliance Target Operating Models
- Experience with design, development and implementation of compliance operating models and organisation design
- Design, development and implementation of regulatory risk appetite and overall regulatory risk management strategies including compliance monitoring plans, and compliance and control frameworks.
Financial Services Regulation

- Sound knowledge of Financial Services Regulations e.g. FSA Handbook, DMD, IMD
- Ability to provide considered views and impact assessment of current/emerging regulations on operations of Financial Services institutions, particularly EU directives
- Application of financial services regulation to practical business scenarios.
Other Skills:
Aptitude for development of the following skills would also be essential:
- Engagement/Project management in financial services institutions;
- Strong leadership skills and the ability to work under own initiative and in many different and challenging environments
- Strong presentation, business writing and professional standards
- Ability to identify and manage sales opportunities and progress in conjunction with other team members. Proven delivery in sales negotiation and conclusion.
- Strong IT skills

Job Info and Search Websites|_Legal.htm{AF70A029-37DA-489F-9FFE-8DECBBC59DFB}

Behavioural Interview Information

Just as an added comment from me, the types of behavioral interview questions I’ve been asked in the past included: describe a situation with a confrontational employee and how you handled it, what would you do if you had three deadlines to meet and they were all due at the same time, describe a situation in which a customer was unhappy and how you handled it, and describe a situation where you had to think very quickly to solve a problem in a very short amount of time. I believe that during these types of interviews, the interviewer is looking for qualities such as being able to communicate your thoughts clearly without wandering off track, showing how you handled events in the past to show how they would be similarly handled by you in the position you are interviewing for, and your ability to respond/act under stress and pressure, especially in juggling many tasks at once (multi-tasking).

Example Resumes (they are U.S. examples and not exactly what you would say but give you an idea of what to include as achievements, accomplishments, etc.)

Caroline, please let me know if you need me to clarify anything for you or if I have missed the mark in any way. I want to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the iinformation I have provided to you.


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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Research Analyst's Post: Hi, sorry for the delay. Yes I can accept and access a word document. I have just also recieved your answer which seems fantastic and very thorough and comprehensive !!! Many, many thanks .... hopefully with your help I shall now be successul and secure a new job! What a good jb you have done - I am very grtaeful, all the best, XXXXX XXXXX Carloline.
Good luck to you in your job search!!