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What career/job pays $15.00 per hour if any without masters

Customer Question

I live in York Pa. and do not want to work for the government again . I have a B. A. in Psychology from Gettysburg college .graduated in 1976 worked for DEPT. of public welfare for 22.5 years and then in special ed fpr 6 as a teacher assistant . At 53 I want work that I enjoy without going back to you have any suggestions?            I have taught exercise and Yoga classes and I am paid $15.00 for that but I cannot do that 8 hours a day.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Job
Expert:  Research Analyst replied 9 years ago.


I would like to help you out. I completely understand your wanting to stay in the workforce doing something that you enjoy. In order to give you some resources, can you tell me what you feel you are "good" at and also what kind of tasks or work you think you would enjoy or things that would keep you interested? For example, you indicated you didn't want to work for the government again (although they typically pay well vs. private industry). You also indicated that you were an assistant in special ed. Do you enjoy teaching others? Do you enjoy problem solving? Do you enjoy working alone or with many others? Are you a big picture person or very detail oriented and meticulous? Are you patient or easily annoyed? If you can give me some additional information, I'll provide you with some ideas and resources. I look forward to helping you.