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Can I deduct dog boarding expenses on my income taxes

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Can I deduct dog boarding expenses on my income taxes? I work for the Army and am single, so I cannot pawn the dog off on relatives when I go away.
There isn't currently any provision for deducting the expenses related to pets for any reason directly against your income taxes.

The IRS only allows animal related deductions for pets necessary for the normal life of the owner. I.E. Guide dogs for the blind.

The best way to recoup any pet expenses would be to use your option to deduct state sales tax expenses on your income taxes. If you think of all the food, toys, taxable boarding expenses, medicine, etc that you buy for your pet over the year this can end up being a relatively substantial boost to the sales tax you pay in a year. Deducting the tax paid would be the best way to get any tax break from pet expenses.

For more on the sales tax deduction visit this IRS site:,,id=152421,00.html
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