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what do you write when handing in notice at work ...

Customer Question

what do you write when handing in your notice at work
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Job
Expert:  FamilyPhysician replied 10 years ago.
When you say "your notice" I suspect that you mean a notice that you are quitting the job. If you mean something else - let me know and I will answer differently.

I always recommend that you NOT "burn bridges" when you leave a job if at all possible. You never know when someone you worked for at one place, will end up working another place you want to work. Imagine if you left in an uprofessional manner - and then that person ends up getting your application at another place. "OH...I rememeber that " %#*&", I would never hire him again!"

Some ideas:
"It has been a pleasure working at _________ for the last _____ years..."

"I have enjoyed my time here at _________, however at this time in my life I feel that it is in my best interests to pursue other options..."

"While I have enjoyed working with you and the entire team here at _________, I have been offered a position which will allow me to expand my opportunties..."

"I regret to inform you that I have accepted another position and will be leaving __________ effective _________"

"I will be happy to work with you and the other staff to arrange the orderly transfer of my clients to others in the department"

"I had hoped to stay with ______ until my retirement, however personal matters require me to relocate out of the area..."

Be polite, professional than helpful - give as much notice as possible - and work to help others take over your responsibilities.