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abray1115, Physician
Category: Cardiology
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Experience:  Primary care with particular interest in cardiology problems and prevention. Work closely with cardiologist colleagues.
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I just was at Urgent care due to having mild chest pain for

Customer Question

Hello... I just was at Urgent care due to having mild chest pain for a week in my left upper chest close to my sternum....the did an EKG, blood work and chest xray....The EKG came back with T inversions at V1 and V2 and LAE. Can u explain what this means, and should I worry?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Cardiology
Expert:  abray1115 replied 1 year ago.


The T wave inversion can be a sign of heart muscle ischemia ( low blood flow) BUT the poison of the leads V1 and V2 are potentially nonspecific more so than most other leads ..

LAE stands for left atrial enlargement...

You probably had a large p wave on your EKG....

The EKG looks at electrical signals and is not that specific ...

I think follow up with a cardiologist and 1/ a stress test and 2/ an ultrasound of your heart (= echocardiogram) should be done to follow up ...better level tests and supplies more information

I hope that this is helpful for you

Best regards!

Anthony Bray MD