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I felt as if I were having a mild heart attack as I shopped

Customer Question

I felt as if I were having a mild heart attack as I shopped a week ago last Friday and
it persisted so I went to E.R. since all the offices were already closed. My mild heart attack was in 2005, 99% blockage of a very tiny peripheral vessel, too small for a stent so I was sent home and had nothing since then except Atrial flutter with a pacemaker put in. This time I said I had eaten the Subway new Reuben on Rye just previous to shopping but had no acid reflux syptoms but that is what I was diagnosed with any way. The next Thursday, 3 days later I woke up and knew something was wrong. I had elevated blood pressure during the E.R. and was kept until it went down enough to send me home. Several months ago I was taken off Synthroid which I had taken for many years and put on Nature throid by my primary physician and take a TsH and other blood tests each month and it isn't enough so they add to it each time. I think that is what is making me so ill. I have lost 7 pounds without trying, can't walk much at all and I used to walk two miles M-F with my younger friend who was always better than I was but still I was doing it now I have to say go on, I can't make any more steps right now. Also I have a slight cough almost each night as I go to bed. Also I sweat unreasonably, fanned myself in church the whole time today. Don't have any energy and so don't usually make it in time for Sunday School, just church most Sundays. Part of no energy is I take
Anastrozole since I had a mastectomy Feb. 2015 and it makes me sweat but not like this.
Back to when I woke up and finally took my blood pressure and it was 201 over 101, so I sat down, had my husband get me Losartan with HZt. and one 12.5 pill to make a whole. Next day I asked to see my primary doctor who was booked up and they gave me his P.A. who requested the E.R. results from them and had already seen that they ignored (I guess or didn't consider it significant) the blood test for BNP which was 353. She saw the T SH results and added to the Nature Thoid . I looked that up yesterday and you are to be wary of taking Nature Throid if you have CAD 0r congested heart failure which the 353 indicates. I know that can be wrong. Other things were mentioned but I have those two and was afraid to keep taking my thyroid med but finally did this morning and waited the hour to eat (primary doctor had said 15 minutes all that is necessary so I had been dong that wrong a long time, well a couple of months or maybe 3 by now.
I will be 87 next month, look like someone who has been in a Nazi concentration camp too long, sunken eyes I call them, P.A. said swollen and said I had water around the heart and lungs and be sure to take the diuretic.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Cardiology
Expert:  DrRussMd replied 1 year ago.


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