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Dr. Alan DeCarlo
Dr. Alan DeCarlo, Medical Doctor
Category: Cardiology
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I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this

Customer Question

I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this question. I was always living life with passion and energy then I went through a stage of my life where I had anxiety and one day with a pannic attack or something I went to the emergency room the doc started treating me for high blood pressure and gave me blood pressure medication. I then went to my House Doc and he started giving me blood pressure medication called Ziak generic is (Ziabeta 5/6.25). I have since been using these for the past few years, maybe 3 or 4 years. I have totally lost my passion my drive my energy I feel like nothing excites me any more. Nothing makes me happy nor sad. I feel like im just walking the earth, I don't want to do anything. I once stopped taking the(Ziabeta 5/6.25) for about a month I felt alive but I had this huge sinus and head pain and felt like im going to explode until I started taking them again this feeling and pain went away with my passion. I don't feel depressed or anxious or happy or sad. I don't want to do any work or anything that I used to love doing. Might this just be the wrong medication ? Is there something that I can use that can keep my blood pressure in tact and get me exited and give me my live back ?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Cardiology
Expert:  Dr. Alan DeCarlo replied 1 year ago.

Hello. This is Dr. Alan. One of the components of Ziak is bisoprolol. This is a class of drugs are known as Beta blockers. These drugs can cause fatigue, loss of energy and depression; among other things. It can also cause loss of libido and sexual dysfunction in men. Many of the symptoms you describe are typical for depression. The fact that you felt better after stopping it would suggest that you might be having drug related side effects. That being the case you should ask your doctor to put you on a different class of blood pressure medicine. There are many other non-beta blocking drugs to choose from.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
What does Beta Blocking help for ? why would my doctor put me on these drugs if it affects me this way ? Also what will the side effects be if I move to a new blood pressure medication ? Should I consult with a different doctor or only my house doctor ? Thank you.
Expert:  Dr. Alan DeCarlo replied 1 year ago.

Beta blockers block beta receptor sites in various parts of the body that react to normally produced neurotransmitters such as epinephrine and nor-epinephrine These neurotransmitters act to increase pulse, constrict arteries and make the heart beat more forcefully. This can raise the blood pressure. Beta receptors are present in many organs, including the heart which has Beta 1 receptors. Blocking effects can be to slow the pulse, relax heart contraction and dilate small arterioles; thus reducing blood pressure. Bisoprolol is supposed to be"selective" for Beta 1 receptors; however many people simply do not tolerate them because they still may cross the blood-brain barrier and have effects on the central nervous system. There is absolutely nothing wrong with them per se because they are one of the most commonly used drugs for BP control and other reasons, such as in coronary patients to take stress off the heart. Tell your doctor what has happened to you and that you felt better when you were not taking it. A doctor can never predict ahead of time if something will not be tolerated well. All drugs have potential side effects; so it is often the case that you will have to work with your doctor on a trial and error basis , until you find something that works and does not produce side effects.

Expert:  Dr. Alan DeCarlo replied 1 year ago.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I went to my doctor today, he said that the beta blocker in ziak is only a selective beta blocker and that it is a very low amount and it should not be the cause of my problem. He then proceeded to give me an explanation of the depression he suspect me to have and gave me medicine to test for 30 day's and after 30 day's he wants me to use it as a chronic medicine. It is called " cilift 20mg " what is your take on the new medicine and about my doctor's reaction ?
Expert:  Dr. Alan DeCarlo replied 1 year ago.

I explained beta blocker selectivity to you; and also the fact that despite this some people do not tolerate them. I suggested that you might be depressed, but also felt that it might be the drug because you said you felt alive again after you stopped it. I can only make suggestions and it is not my role to get between you and your doctor's care. He knows your overall condition better than I do. If he does not want to give you a trial off the Ziak; and thinks you need treatment for depression, unfortunately I cannot do anything about that.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The entire reason why I came here is for advice as I feel that the doc does not entirely take everything I say into consideration, and also to ask advice regarding the new drug he subscribed to me. The doc might know me better but still I feel lost as to what the hell is going on even after being at the doc. hence asking the questions here.
Expert:  Dr. Alan DeCarlo replied 1 year ago.

My opinion stands. You will not know if the Ziak is giving you side effects unless you stop taking it; under medical supervision. If you don't feel better, then it is not the drug. If you feel as though your doctor is not listening; then you should solicit another opinion. The diagnosis and treatment of depression should be done under careful direct supervision and follow up. I sense your frustration. and I am only trying to indirectly help the best way I can.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Please can you help me. What type of doc do I need to go and see ? I want this Zombie feeling to go away and Im not taking Cilift after reading what all the people on the internet say about it, my fiance said she took it and it almost pushed her to commit suicide. I also spoke to my mother about it she took it for 30 day's and could not cope with it at all. I don't feel bad, I just feel blocked from who I actually am. I won't go to my house doc again after this I will find a new doc that can help me and understand what is happening. Im not just going to jump chronically on a pil without knowing the facts. The doc told me that it is a new medicine but after doing some reading Cilift is a very old pill that is in existence for more than 20 years. I feel like I have reached a dead end.
Expert:  Dr. Alan DeCarlo replied 1 year ago.

Yes. Get a new doctor, who is willing to take you off your Ziak first. If that doesn't make you feel better then he/she can help you can go from there; possibly with a complete new evaluation. You are correct about drugs like Cilift. Suicidal ideation can occur in the beginning of treatment; and patients who start these drugs need careful monitoring. They also can have numerous other side effects. You are also correct that it is not a new medication. You are not at a dead end. You just need to start over.